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In addition to the usual hotels and hostels, where both tourists and people who come to Madrid for a work stay, we find another type of accommodation that is increasingly being chosen to spend a most pleasant stay. This type of accommodation is called Boutique Hotel and Boutique Hostel. They are establishments with their own style, which offer the same services as a conventional hotel, with excellent quality in their services as well as personalized attention. That is why these types of establishments are having so much success in recent times, people are more interested in personalized treatment, than in large spaces with many services.

The difference with big hotels or hotel chains is that boutique hotels and hostels have a smaller number of rooms, in this way a more personalized attention can be established with clients, surrounded by a more intimate atmosphere.

 Hostel or boutique hotel in Madrid?

Both a hostel and a boutique hotel offer the same services. These types of establishments flee from the conventional, from what most hotel chains offer. They offer an exclusivity to the client that is not found in a conventional hotel, such as intimate spaces, direct contact with the staff, and generally more pleasant stays.

Vitium Urban Suites is a luxury boutique hostel, which differentiates it from the rest due to the afore mentioned characteristics, making it unique. In fact, these establishments have an exclusive design where every detail is important. In addition to equipping itself with more current and modern technological devices, in order to further improve the customer’s stay.

Benefits of staying in a luxury hostel in Madrid

One of the benefits is the great attention to small details, the good taste. Warm lighting in the rooms, soundproofing and comfortable beds, where you cannot miss the spectacular views that most rooms have of Madrid’s Gran Via.

Other important benefits when choosing this type of establishment are the following:

  • In the first place, the location, they are usually in the historic center of the city or in typical neighborhoods of Madrid. In the case of Vitium Urban Suites, it is located no more and no less than in Gran Vía, one of the most important arteries of the city.
  • Secondly, the number of rooms is less than in a conventional hotel, which makes dealing with the client more intimate and more familiar. As there are fewer rooms, the quality is higher.
  • Third, it is the exclusive service, they are offered a quality service; and this is what clients who stay in this type of establishment usually look for.
  • Fourth, they offer a calm and relaxed environment.
  • Fifth, good taste in decoration is essential, both in the rooms and in the common areas. It is what makes it stand out from the rest. It gives you a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Sixth, good taste has to be combined with one’s own personality. As each room has a different decoration, I know from the color of the walls, paintings, etc. Themed rooms, as is the case with Vitium Urban Suites, where each room is exclusively designed, based on the seven deadly sins.

Boutique Hotel and in Gran Vía! An unforgettable experience

Staying in a boutique hotel on Gran Vía is already a luxury in itself. In Gran Vía you can enjoy what is considered Madrid’s Broadway, which is home to the best musicals and the best plays in the country. In addition to having the best fashion stores to enjoy an afternoon shopping. A privileged location a few meters from Puerta del Sol or the Royal Palace.

An unforgettable experience that encompasses the quality and service of a boutique Hotel and the luxury of being housed in the center of Madrid. Vitium Urban Suites has the great privilege of being located on the mythical and famous Gran Vía.

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