teleférico de madrid

It’s the perfect plan for a family outing because it offers a unique combination of excitement and spectacular views of the city. It’s an experience that captivates all ages, from the youngest to the adults, allowing them to enjoy a tranquil and panoramic ride over Madrid’s most emblematic locations together. Moreover, it provides the opportunity to share special moments in a relaxed and safe environment, creating unforgettable memories for the whole family.

How much does the Madrid Teleférico cost?

The Madrid Teleférico offers affordable fares, making it an attractive option for family enjoyment. With a variety of ticket options, from individual fares to family packages, the teleférico offers flexibility to suit different budgets. Additionally, children often enjoy special discounts, making it an even more affordable option for families. With transparent and affordable fares, the Madrid Teleférico allows families to enjoy an exciting and memorable experience without worrying about the cost.

What is the route of the Madrid Teleférico?

The route of the Madrid Teleférico offers a unique experience that combines the thrill of flying with breathtaking views of the city. The journey begins in Parque del Oeste, where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral as they soar above the gardens and historic architecture. As the teleférico progresses, it crosses the Manzanares River and offers unparalleled views of the famous Temple of Debod, a gift from Egypt to Spain that stands majestically over the city. The route continues over Casa de Campo Park, Madrid’s green lung, offering views of its extensive vegetation and the lake, where families can be seen enjoying outdoor activities. Finally, the teleférico reaches its destination at the Rosales station, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the charming Argüelles neighborhood and enjoy delicious tapas at local restaurants. With stops at iconic landmarks and panoramic views at every stretch, the route of the Madrid Teleférico is an experience that captivates the senses and leaves lasting memories for those who enjoy it.

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