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Traveling to Madrid is undoubtedly safe today despite the fact that we are in a pandemic situation, and proof of this is that the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) has delivered the Safe Tourism Certificate to the city of Madrid, as a result of the measures applied in terms of safety and hygiene, which guarantee the protection of tourism.

With this seal, Madrid becomes the second Spanish city after Ribagorda (Cuenca) that certifies this recognition. The City Council has carried out protocols that guarantee the safety of both workers and tourists.

These action procedures go through measures for the protection of hygiene and protection standards, social distancing standards, reinforcements for cleaning infrastructures and, above all, informational measures and posters where the standards to be followed are specified, as a matter of capacity, hand disinfection, etc.  Ensuring safety for both users and workers.

Tourism in Madrid in the time of coronavirus

Without a doubt, the health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic is having a great impact on tourism. On the one hand, there is the drop in international tourism, which, due to the closure of borders in some countries and the reduction of flights in others, make the visit of tourists more complicated. And on the other hand, there is the retraction of internal demand, which means that national tourists do not leave their province or community.

Madrid has a lot to offer and under the slogan “Come back to Madrid” or “If you come back, we come back”, the aim is to reactivate tourism in the capital. A city that, complying with the safety and hygiene protocols, is safe. Both bars, restaurants and hotels comply with security measures to guarantee the protection of tourists. In addition, we can be sure since there are capacity limitations in theaters, shows and events, with the stipulated safety distance, and all this means that the chances of contagion are practically null

What is the Safe Tourism certificate?

safe tourism certified vitium urban suitesThe Safe Tourism Cerfified seal is granted to tourism service providers, as a guarantee mark and certification of the implementation of the health risk prevention system against Covid-19.

This certificate transmits a concept of safe tourism; guarantees the hygienic-sanitary safety of customers, employees and suppliers against Covid-19, and also increases the confidence of customers when booking. Also ensuring business continuity.


Requirements that a hotel must comply to obtain the Safe Tourism certificate.

Establishments that want to incorporate this seal must make a commitment to risk management, implementing measures to minimize it.

There are several measures included in the protocol to be followed, among which it stands out that the hotel must plan the tasks and processes in such a way as to guarantee the established safety distance, the arrangement of the workstations, as well as the organization of circulation. of people and the distribution of spaces, in terms of furniture, shelves …

One of the most important measures to take into account is the constant disinfection of common areas. In addition, those employees who work shifts must disinfect their entire work area well at the change of shift, as well as wash their hands well with soap and water or with disinfectant gel, in this way the protection of employees is ensured.

In all activities, interpersonal safety distances must be respected, therefore a capacity control must be carried out.

As for the staff uniform, it can only be used during the working day, with a washing frequency of at least every two days. A space must be set up for this, where the safety distance can be maintained and clothing must be stored in plastic bags.

Staff must have clear information so that they can follow the established protocol. Avoid greeting or physical contact, both with the staff and with the client, and you should always always use the mask.

Vitium Urban Suites, a Covid-free hostel in Madrid

Our establishment has been one of those that has received this seal of quality and certification in a particular way. Due to the hygiene and safety measures adopted by Vitium Urban Suites, it has become a “Covid free” luxury boutique hostel. In this way, Vitium guarantees maximum security and protection to its customers and employees, carefully following the established protocol that guarantees these measures.

Vitium Urban Suites has always been a committed company, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of its customers.

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