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Many of the hotels and hostels in Madrid have chosen to be certified through the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) in order to provide a seal of quality to their customers and call themselves “COVID Free” establishments. Most of the hotels that belong to the Madrid Hotel Business Association (AEHM) have chosen this option in order to convey full confidence to travelers and employees with maximum compliance with health guarantees.

Vitium Urban Suites is one of the Madrid establishments that has opted for the COVID free certificate, complying with all safety and hygiene protocols.

Why stay in a luxury hostel in Gran Vía?

 Gran Vía in one of the capital’s main arteries, where the best theaters and entertainment venues congregate. A street full of light and life in the heart of Madrid. The main monuments are just a few meters away, so they can be visited while taking a walk, without the need to take public transport.

La Gran Vía, the perfect location to enjoy your stay after confinement

Madrid’s Gran Vía was inaugurated in 1924, begins at Calle Alcalá and ends at Plaza de España and is known as Madrid’s Broadway, for its iconic musicals and illuminated signs.

It is divided into sections where numerous small streets ideal for shopping intersect. In addition, it is full of restaurants and bars and houses the best fashion stores.

It has emblematic buildings such as Metropolis, Palacio de la Prensa or the majestic Telefónica Building, which was one of the first skyscrapers in Europe and the first in Spain.

In the middle of the street, you will find the emblematic Plaza de Callao with its mythical tower known as the Sweeps tower, for its bright and multicolored sign at the top of the building, one of the most photographed buildings in Madrid.

Very close to Gran Vía, you will find the most famous square in Madrid, La Puerta del Sol.

For all these reasons, La Gran Vía is undoubtedly the perfect location to fully enjoy the charms of Madrid, and more so now after a long and hard confinement.

Vitium Urban Suites, has the privilege of being part of this emblematic street.

Vitium Urban Suites, your best option. Coronavirus-free luxury hostel

Without a doubt, if you want to enjoy the center of Madrid, its life, its color and diversity, Vitium Urban Suites is your best option.

Vitium has different categories of rooms and many of them with great views of Gran Vía. One of our star rooms is the Premium Luxury with Jacuzzi. A room with huge windows overlooking the Gran Vía and a Jacuzzi in the room. Ideal for romantic getaways with your couple.

Vitium Urban Suites is a coronavirus-free hostel, better known as COVID free, where our clients will have the peace of mind that they are in the best safety and hygiene conditions.

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