ruta de tapas en madrid

One of the main attractions of Spain is its rich gastronomy, coming to Madrid is not only about visiting extraordinary places full of history, but its great culinary offer is also not far behind, it is part of its culture and trying the delicious tapas is an essential condition to get to know the capital of Spain.

Popular Neighborhoods for Tapas

The Latina

One of the most popular areas to go for tapas is Latina. This traditional neighborhood has numerous leisure places to go and have the popular aperitif, a very Madrid custom, especially during the weekends. Among these places, the popular San Miguel market stands out. This historic building is one of the main gastronomic markets in the world, as it allows its visitors to taste dishes and specialties from all corners of Spain.


In Malasaña you will find the best bars to have some delicious tapas, among the most popular are:

  • Bodega de La Ardosa is one of the best-known bars in Madrid and one of the most classic. It is ideal to go with friends or family to have a glass of wine or taste their homemade vermouths. In addition to this, in its menu you can find different types of tapas, the highlight being artichokes or Spanish omelet.
  • Pez Tortilla. As its name suggests, this popular establishment specializes in tortillas. It has a wide variety of this dish, from the most traditional omelet to the most innovative.
  • Casa Camacho, was founded in 1926, is a typical and traditional bar of Malasaña, it is recommended to go with the family and enjoy its delicious tapas accompanied by the best beer.


Chueca is one of the most well-known and visited neighborhoods in Madrid, where you can find all kinds of culinary specialties, so going for tapas in Chueca is one of the safest bets when you want to enjoy a delicious meal. Among the best known are:

  • El Tigre ‘’The Tiger’’. Every drink ordered in this establishment is accompanied by a homemade and good-sized tapa, which makes this place one of the best options to enjoy traditional tapas.
  • El Respiro, in this establishment they also give you a free tapa for every beer, one of their most popular tapas is the patatas bravas. In addition, they have beers on tap at a very good price.

Classic Tapas you shouldn’t miss

Tortilla de Patata ‘’Potato Omelet’’

ruta de tapas en madrid

The Spanish omelet is one of the most well-known dishes internationally. In addition to being delicious, it is a very simple dish to prepare, since its traditional recipe only needs eggs and potatoes. The potato omelet can be eaten at any time of the day, either as a breakfast, main course or side dish or in its most consumed version, as a tapa.

Homemade croquettes

ruta de tapas en madrid

Although croquette is a recipe of French origin, it is a very popular dish in Spain, and is one of the most popular tapas in the capital. The most traditional ones are made with minced ham, leftover meat from the stew, and can also be made from different types of fish, such as cod or tuna, and are an excellent accompaniment to a good beer.

Iberian ham and bread with tomato

ruta de tapas en madrid

If there is a Spanish haute cuisine tapa par excellence, this is undoubtedly the Iberian ham tapa. This typically Spanish dish enjoys wide international recognition and is considered an exquisite delicacy. This delicious tapa can be accompanied by all kinds of drinks, such as a good Spanish wine or a traditional beer.

And naturally, an essential ingredient for ham is that it is accompanied by good traditional bread, such as white bread or picos. And of course, if we add tomato and olive oil to this bread, we will be enjoying one of the most succulent dishes in Spanish gastronomy.

Garlic prawns

ruta de tapas en madrid

Tapas can also be made from seafood, such as fish or seafood. This is the case of garlic prawns, a genuinely Spanish recipe and originally from Madrid. This dish is served in a clay pot and is accompanied by olive oil, garlic and parsley, and is traditionally accompanied by wine.

These tapas and tapas areas are just a small sample of everything our city has to offer. In any corner of Madrid, you can enjoy any traditional tapa and all the places of trade that our city offers.

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