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Faced with this exceptional situation that is being experienced worldwide caused by the coronavirus (Covid 19), Vitium has taken exceptional health measures to guarantee the maximum safety of our customers. Vitium Urban Suites is a company committed to both our clients and its employees and collaborators, and that is why our establishment has taken a series of measures to guarantee the safety and hygiene of all. Hotel establishments in Madrid are following a common protocol to guarantee these measures, and Vitium is one of them. The Madrid Hotel  Association (AEHM) wants to present this protocol so that hotel establishments can obtain the “Covid Free” certificate.

What measures is Vitium Urban Suites taking against the coronavirus?

1. Our Staff have received training in preventive measures for Covid-19.

Measures that serve to effectively protect the health of both customers and workers.

Some of the measures adopted are: the use of an obligatory mask in common areas, constant disinfection of common areas (such as reception, hall, shared bathrooms, meticulous cleaning of our clients’ rooms …), maintaining the stipulated safety distance, periodic ventilation of the common areas, disinfection of utensils such as pens, cards, dataphones … or any object that has previously been used by another person.

2. Our staff has the necessary protective equipment at all times.

Each department has a different PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to the functions it performs:

The reception staff has a mask and hydroalcoholic gel for frequent hand disinfection, as well as a disinfectant for surfaces and objects that can pass through different hands.

Cleaning staff in addition to the mandatory use of the mask, the use of gloves and frequent disinfection are also obligatory. In addition, they will use a face shield and disposable gowns to disinfect the rooms.

Maintenance personnel also have to make obligatory use of a mask and gloves, and sometimes disposable face shields and gowns. Once the assistance or repair has been completed, they should disinfect their hands and dispose of the personal protective equipment according to the instructions given.

3. We reduce capacity.

We reduce the capacity both in the reception hall and in the dining room in order to comply with the safety distance.

4. We have indicated the risk areas with preventive advice posters.

Posters such as the mandatory use of a mask, hand sanitization point, maximum allowed capacity, among others.

5. We provide disinfectant gel at the reception.

At the reception we have a hand disinfection gel so that each client who is at the counter can use it, as well as the staff, every time they touch any object that the client provides, such as any identity document or a credit card.

The reduction of furniture and decoration objects in the rooms are some of the measures that have been taken to give more security and protection to the client, as well as the reception screen that allows the safety distance between the receptionist and the client.

Vitium Urban Suites gathers all the necessary measures so that you can enjoy our facilities with total comfort and protection. We strive every day adapting to this new reality.

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