How will we book hotel in the future?

Fasten your seatbelt. A fascinating journey awaits us. But we will not move the place, we will travel with the imagination. Destination? The future! Have you ever wondered how we will live in 10, 20 or 50 years? Any daily action like looking for hotel accommodation will seem like magic … How will we book hotel in the future?

They call it «digital transformation», and although many ordinary citizens have not yet heard of it, it is radically changing all economic sectors. The new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are revolutionizing all types of businesses, as well as the lives of consumers. In fact, it is consumers who are changing everything, with their new habits and how they use technology.

The marking adapts to increasingly demanding users and customers, and the hotel business could not be less. But how will all this affect the daily life of the guests? How will you book a hotel in the future?

It is a question that interests us especially, as a hotel firm. At Vitium Urban Suites we want to look to the future of the hotel sector. It would be an honor for us to accompany you on this journey towards tomorrow. Can you come with us?

Book hotel in the future, it’s not science fiction!

These are the expectations that we can have for the future not far from the hotel reservation. Some of these forecasts are clear to be met if we look at current trends.

Check-in Express without going through reception?

In Dubai you can sign up for a hotel without talking to the reception staff. These are the Jannah Hotels and Resorts.

With a couple of clicks from a tablet, the customer saves the waiting time during check-in at the reception.

But the customer is not left unattended, waiting for a reception when you register. Thanks to the QR code, the guest has access to an explanatory welcome video and can access other services such as car rental through «Karim» (the name of the service in question).

With Artificial Intelligence, reception, check-out and any other service that required human management could be replaced by a kind of «self-service».

Will human treatment disappear in the hotel of the future? We hope not!

Management from the mobile … and other devices?

Check-in Express is only a small sample of what can be managed from the mobile phone. From the opening of doors to communication with the room service by instant messaging. Everything could be done from your smartphone … or maybe from another device.

With the revolution of the wireless (devices that we always carry on and that from now on will have Internet connection), the hotels will be able to develop apps for smart watch, for example. That way, you could do all your managements with the hotel from your smart watch.

Hyper-personalized services for the guest

The use of technologies such as queries in search engines, searches within the hotel app, etc., give us clues about the tastes and preferences of users.

This information could be used to customize the services available to the customer. From the data provided by the guest, the hotel could offer customized tourist routes through an app.

The big question is how it´ll be possible to preserve the privacy of the users, offering all the benefits that the technology contributes in terms of personalization of the service.

Virtual tours to choose a room

Another technology called to revolutionize the way of choosing products and services is Virtual Reality (VR).

Today it is possible to visit a supermarket or a shop with VR glasses to see the products that you must later order online.

Some hotel firms will be able to use this technology when it comes to booking a hotel in the future so that their clients can choose the rooms with a first virtual visit.

The future of hotel reservations is here

We want to propose another imaginary trip. But this time we will not do it into the future. Now we will travel to the past. Imagine what it would be like to travel 50 years back in time and explain to your grandfather what is to book a hotel online, from your computer or your smartphone? Imagine just having to explain what a smartphone is ?!

The future is here. We constantly convert the future into the present every step we take. In Vitium Urban Suites you can book hotel online from our website in less than a minute with very few clicks.

Just check the availability by entering the dates of arrival, departure and number of people. Once you have made sure that there are free rooms, just choose one and click on «Show rates», select the one you want, and click the «Reserve» button.



How will we book hotel in the future?

You have already booked your room in our luxury boutique hostel!

In Vitium Urban Suites we are keen to open ourselves to the technological innovations that allow us to offer a better accommodation service to our clients.

Always combining the technology with the human and familiar treatment of a hostel-boutique, respecting the privacy of our clients and offering an experience of comfort and exclusive attention to our guests.

We are waiting for you in the future and also in the present! 😉

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