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The capital of Spain has more than a thousand years of history behind it. It has been a silent witness of the time and has much to tell you. The city does not speak, but its historical buildings, its fountains, its sculptures, its bridges and its plates do. We talk about monuments in Madrid.

If you are going to travel to the capital and you want to know some of its best corners do not miss this list that we have prepared for you with the monuments in Madrid that you have to see.

Six monuments of Madrid worthy of admiration

The monuments of Madrid are one of the great treasures of the city. There are really spectacular and others more discreet. However, they all have an intrinsic charm that makes them worthy of being known.

We have compiled six of them. If you wish to inquire more you can consult all the monumental heritage of Madrid in this complete online guide.

# 1 Plaza de Santa Ana

plaza de santa ana
Some people say that if you have not visited the Plaza de Santa Ana, you have not been in Madrid. This charming square is one of the most original places in the capital.

In it they emphasize like protagonists the façade of the well-known Spanish Theater; or the monuments from Madrid in memory of Calderón de la Barca or García Lorca.

Not in vain, the Plaza de Santa Ana is the entrance to the incomparable Barrio de las Letras, which breathes romanticism and charm in every corner. Enjoy your way through the square and have a snack on one of its beautiful terraces.

# 2 Royal Palace

Royal palace madrid

Another of the monuments of Madrid that you have to see if you travel to the capital is the Royal Palace. Its impressive façade does not leave anyone indifferent, as well as all the cultural heritage that it houses inside.

The gardens of the Campo del Moro or the Royal Armory, which gathers one of the most important collections of tournament and ceremonial arms worldwide, are some of the charms of the palace.

Keep in mind that the visit can take you around a couple of hours and we recommend you buy your ticket online to avoid waiting.

# 3 Temple of Debod

the temple of debod marid spain

A classic in the postcards of the city is the Temple of Debod that never ceases to be one of the most impressive monuments of Madrid.

What does an Egyptian temple do in the city? It was a gift from the African country to Spain for its participation in the campaign of Unesco to save the Nubian temples that were threatened by the construction of the Aswan dam.

Finding this gem of antiquity in the middle of the city is a real gift for the senses. We recommend you visit the temple at sunset. The views are completely magical.

# 4 Puerta de Alcalá
puerta de alcala madrid spain

Challenging over time, the beautiful Puerta de Alcalá stands proud and implacable in the Plaza de la Independencia in Madrid. From there it contemplates the passage of hundreds of vehicles every day. It is one of the classic prints of the monuments of Madrid.

The gate, with neoclassical style, was one of the five that gave access to the city and was built in the eighteenth century. From there you will quickly arrive both the Fuente de Cibeles, another of the must-see monuments of Madrid, such as the Retiro Park.

 # 5 Crystal Palace

crystal palace madrid spain

It is Crystal Palace, built in iron and glass, stands in the heart of the Retiro Park and is one of the most beautiful monuments of Madrid.

It is an ideal space to walk with your couple or take unique photographs thanks to the beautiful game that sunlight made sunlight through the vaults and windows. The natural environment of the palace, built at the end of the 19th century, is truly captivating. Do not forget to visit it if you travel to Madrid.

# 6 Las Ventas bullring

 Las Ventas bullring madrid spain

Another of the great temples of Madrid, although with a very different function, is the bullring of Las Ventas. Independently of if you like bullfighting, the building has a great beauty and is worthy of being visited.

Its delicate exterior architecture blends perfectly with the decorative details of the façade. When you stand in front of it you will have an impressive view ahead. Enjoy it!
The Spanish capital holds great treasures and these are only six of many monuments in Madrid that will touch your heart as a traveler.
If you visit Madrid you should not forget to seen them and be sure to stay in a quality and guarantee hotel establishment like the luxury boutique Vitium hostel. We will be happy to help you and make your stay in Madrid an unforgettable experience.

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