¿What is a food truck?

They are coming on strong, they are ¡food trucks! Tasting delicious snacks standing in the street is a trend in a big part of the world.

Madrid is not a exception to this fun leisure proposal, and the food truck movement has managed to make an important space for itself within the gastronomic offer of the capital

You don’t know what are we talking about? On this post you will discover what a food truck is, why they have become so trendy, and which are some of the most popular in Madrid. Let’s start!

What is a food truck and why are they taking the streets by storm in many capitals around the world?

As its name implies, surely you can already get a slight idea of ​​what it is right? A food truck is a vehicle of large dimensions, generally a truck, a caravan or a van, which has been set up to prepare and serve food in the street. As suggested by the Fundéu, the Anglicism «food truck» could be translated into Spanish as «gastroneta». In short, food trucks are mobile food stalls.

It is said that the boom of food trucks has been imported from the United States, but the truth is that these itinerant vans are nothing new and they have been operating for a long time in Spain. Surely, you yourself might have been in front of a food truck sometime without noticing: while buying «churros» at your town fair, maybe. Even an ice cream cart can be considered a food truck.

Traditionally, this type of restaurant has been associated with fast food based on hot dogs, pizzas, waffles, sandwiches, hamburgers or tacos, among others. However, for less than a decade now, food trucks have evolved to serve a more elaborate type of food, worthy of any gourmet restaurant.

This new concept is becoming really popular in many Spanish capitals. There are already many chefs who are committed to this creative form of catering capable of bringing quality food to the street at affordable prices.

Much of their success lies in the fact that the food truck movement has managed to adapt to the values ​​of sustainability, aesthetics and «zero kilometer» cooking (it implies acquiring food, mainly organic, to producers located within a radius of less than 100 kilometers).

Food trucks have allowed to bring to the street the haute cuisine of young chefs with great value who have chosen to bring their specialties to the public through rolling trucks.

The retro spirit they evoke is another of the great charms of food trucks. Some of these itinerant caravans that represent street food are genuine works of art. Their owners tune them with cheerful colors turning them into a real focus of attraction for pedestrians.

Much of their success lies in its ability to roam. Today they can be in one area of ​​the city and tomorrow in another completely different district. Likewise, they also show up in festivals, fairs and cultural, sporting or gastronomic events, public and private. Therefore, social networks have become food trucks’ great allies to announce their itineraries, locations and upcoming events.

4 indispensable food trucks in Madrid

#1  Chuka Ramen: Located in the district of «Las Letras», this restaurant, specialized in Asian cuisine, recently joined the food truck trend. Among its delicacies, we can highlight the ramen or the bao.

#2  La Venganza de Malinche (Malinche´s Revenge): With a military look that leaves no head unturned, this Mexican food franchise goes out in the streets so that you can enjoy some of the tastiest nachos in Madrid.

#3  Tricicle: This Madrilenian restaurant knows how to combine tradition with innovation in a perfect way. In 2015 they launched their peculiar white and yellow striped food truck. If you happen to cross it along the capital do not miss its meatball sandwich or the Tricycle «bravas».

#4  La Finca: Chef Javier Estévez’s Citroën van makes genuine delights available to lovers of meat. Do not forget to try their beef grilled sandwiches or their amazing hamburgers.

These are some of the most outstanding food trucks in Madrid, but they are not the only ones. If you are a fan of this type of street gastronomy you should not miss the MadrEAT, an outdoor gastronomy event that takes place in Madrid. You can be aware of upcoming editions of MadrEAT here.

Food trucks have arrived in Madrid to stay. If you visit the capital, you already know another of its delicious appeals. We are waiting for you at Vitium Urban Suites boutique hostel, in the middle of Gran Vía. Come and visit us!

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