What are escape rooms?

An isolated room, a mystery to solve, a group of people and a countdown. These are the four ingredients that bring escape rooms to life, a new form of leisure that is sweeping half the world. The Spanish capital has given in to this successful entertainment offer and there are already more than fifty escape rooms in Madrid.

Do you want to discover what escape rooms are and why are a hit? We tell you everything about it in this article. Moreover, we have prepared a top 3 with the best escape rooms in Madrid and we recommend the best escapism rooms in Gran Vía. Let the game begin!

Escape Room, what is it?

An escape room is a game of escapism designed to challenge the inventiveness of all those who dare to try it.

In order to start it up, it is essential to have a closed room where a group of people will get along together for 60 minutes. This is the time that participants have to decipher the riddle that is layed out. For this purpose, they only count on their inventiveness, teamwork and a series of clues.

In essence, escape rooms resemble the typical board games of our childhood such as «Clue», with the great difference that this time you are the protagonist. Thus, escape rooms become a perfect combination of role-playing games, theater and show.

However … why are escape rooms so successful? Very easy. You challenge your mind and relive an exciting experience in your own flesh.

This way, the circumstance you face in a game of escapism unleashes your adrenaline and makes you release endorphins. These chemical substances are directly linked to pleasant emotions, which are the basis of happiness and well-being.

The success of escape rooms for groups has gone beyond pure fun to become an educational technique based on ludic learning which is already being used at schools. Escapism games have even become a tool in the hands of companies to assess the profile of their employees and manage group work.

The truth is that escape rooms have become a new tourist attraction in many Spanish cities like in Madrid. There are many tourists who come to the city eager to try this new experience of interactive leisure that transcends other forms of more traditional tourism.

 The best escape rooms in Madrid: Top 3

Brought to fever by the the explosion of this new trend, dozens of escape rooms have spread out in Madrid. We have selected the best ones for you. Are you ready to face the enigma?

#1 Fox in a Box

Fox in a Box is one of the most famous escape rooms in Madrid, and the truth is that its fame is not in vain. If you are a fan of the series «Prison Break», this escape room is yours. The settings are fantastic.

However, if you prefer zombies or murders, you can also find an offer for you in Fox in a Box. If you are looking for an escape room for enterprises, take a look at their corporate events.

#2 La Casa de Papel (The Paper House)

One of the latest additions to the escape rooms’ offer in Madrid is La Casa de Papel (The Paper House). A real challenge that followers of the Atresmedia’s television series of cannot miss.

You can enjoy it at the Wizink Center in Madrid, where the scenarios of the series, including original materials, have been reproduced. One of the advantages of this game is that you can register both alone and accompanied.

#3 Exit

Fight against the clock without rest in any of the scenarios layed out by Exit, another of those vibrant experiences to enjoy escape rooms in Madrid.

Its facilities are located in the heart of Madrid (Calle Caracas 15). Exit has 5 different rooms and its games are classified according to their difficulty level.

2 escapes rooms in Gran Vía that you cannot miss 

The X-Door 

«Simply brutal.» This is how the experience has defined those who have passed through The X-Door. This escape room at Gran Vía is a great alternative to have a good time that, surely, you will not forget.

From 2 to 6 people can participate in the game, and if you go with children there is no problem because they can interact from 8 years on. If you are looking for an escape room for enterprises, in The X-Door they offer a specific activity for large groups with a capacity for a minimum of 12 people and a maximum of 30.

Escape Collage

Next to Gran Vía and Callao (Calle San Bernardo 5) is located Escape College, which counts on six different rooms where you can test your ingenuity.

The themes of escape rooms are very varied, from «Casino robbery» to Jurasic Lab, perfect for dinosaur lovers. If horror is your thing, two exciting games await for you in this escape room in Madrid: «Exorcism in the Vatican» and «Nanako’s room». It sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can complete your plan in Gran Vía by having a drink in the pubs around the area and spending the night in our boutique hostel Vitium Urban Suites.

Escape rooms in Madrid are an alternative and different plan with which to spend a pleasant time in the company of your partner, your family or your friends. Challenge yourself and get ready to unravel the puzzle!

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