Visit New York without leaving Madrid

«New York, New York, … I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps.» We start this new post with this mythical refrain from Frank Sinatra’s song. Our goal is to put you in context because … We are

travelling to one of the most fascinating cities in the world to enjoy its gastronomy, its culture and its most iconic music! And we do it without leaving Madrid. Interesting, right?

If you love New York, surely you will also love its culture and their most typical meals. You can enjoy all this during your trip to Madrid as one more attraction of the capital. Now you know, if you want to visit New York without leaving Madrid you cannot miss this post.

These are the six plans inspired by The Big Apple we’ve compiled for you.

6 plans to visit New York without leaving Madrid that you need to know

Madrid is a wonderful city. It is able to take you to the very neighborhood of Brooklyn without leaving the capital. Do you want to try?

#1 Food in the American style

It is true that the gastronomic culture of Spain is really delicious and can hardly find a rival. Thus, we can state that all the classic New York dishes you can try in this place will leave you a great taste.

We’re talking about the New York Burguer, where the real New York burger is the big theme. It is with good reason that this chain of restaurants has been chosen as one of the 7 best Hamburger restaurants in Madrid by the community Entrepintxos.

#2 A Manhattan in Madrid

New York is the cradle of cocktails. In Madrid you will be able to delight yourself with some of the best cocktails in the purest New York style. Do you fancy a Manhattan or a Pimm’s Cup? A great place to taste them is the Cock pub, located very close to Gran Vía.

Not only will you be able to immerse into the cocktail bartending typical of New York, but you will also be able to enjoy the unequalled art that dresses its walls. Big Hollywood stars like Naomi Watts or George Clooney have dropped into this famous Madrilenian bar.

#3 With a view to the skyline 

The buildings skyline that breaks New York’s horizon is impressive. However, Madrid does not fall short. The skyline of the city is a charm that you can enjoy if you access the roof of the Circle of Beaux Arts.

The Metropolis Building or the outline of Cibeles are some of symbols from Madrid that you can see from above. Do it while you fill your stomach with some of the best Mediterranean recipes cooked by chef Javier Muñoz-Calero.

#4 Madrid’s Central Park

New York has the most visited park in the United States: Central Park. And, although the dimensions of Madrid’s best known park are quite far from Central Park’s, the capital also offers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk through an emblematic park: El Retiro.

This lung in the heart of Madrid is one of the 10 most visited places in the city. Its nature and its architectural heritage are well worth it. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, Retiro Park is your place.

#5 Jazz and blues in the purest New York style

We propose an evocative journey to the rhythm of jazz and blues, two musical genres typical of The Big Apple. In Madrid there are many pubs where you can enjoy good music.

For this plan we have chosen La Coquette, a live music lounge located in the center, specifically in the Opera area, which will transport you directly to the Bronx of the jazz city: New York.

#6 From Broadway to Gran Vía

Musicals are another of the classic charms of New York. The magic of Broadway, one of the most popular avenues in New York, travels directly to Madrid’s Gran Vía. It does through musicals applauded by the critics like The Youngster Frankenstein, Anastasia or Billy Elliot. These are some of the shows that you can enjoy now in the capital.

How to complete this great plan inspired by New York city? Enjoying a unique night in our Vitium boutique hostel, located … just a 2-minute walk from the great Lope de Vega Theater!

Come on! Visit New York without leaving Madrid and visit us. Manage your reservation here!

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