Toledo 2016. 30 years of the appointment of Toledo as World Heritage City

This year Toledo is the protagonist city in many aspects. Not only is the capital of gastronomy 2016, also the thirtieth anniversary of the designation is commemorated by Unesco of Toledo as World Heritage City. This designation was made as the deserved recognition to the charm of this city, its incomparable beauty architectonic, as result of centuries of coexistence of the Moorish , Jewish and Christian cultures , and its great cultural and artistic heritage .

And to celebrate this important anniversary, Toledo will be, during this year 2016, Spanish capital of gastronomy ( Toledo has a big culinary tradition, was in this beautiful city where was published the treatise kitchen in Spanish: Libro de Guisados, of Roperto of Nola in 1529 , coinciding with the stay in the city of Emperor Charles V.

The toledana kitchen is based mainly in the bushmeat, with which variety of stews are made, all of them are well washed down with the excellent local wine. And for dessert, the undisputed king is mazapán , exquisite sweet typically toledano.

Toledo Gastronomica

Come to Toledo, gastronomical city 2016!

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Toledo 2016

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