Winter is gone, it is spring time now and may is just around the corner, popularly known as the month of the flowers. May is also a special month for women, because of a special celebration: the first Sunday of this month will take place Mother’s Day.

Being a mother is probably one of the most beautiful tasks, but also one of the most demanding. That´s why, from Vitium Urban Suites, we send our congratulations and recognition to all women who daily perform this important task, and we want to express our gratitude.

Dia de la madre

Woman race Madrid 2016

It  also happens to be on the month of May when another important event is celebrated with very important female role. On the sunday 8 th will be held the Madrid Woman Race. This race, which can only enroll women and girls over 12 years old and that in this year celebrates its thirteenth anniversary. This race has an important caring character, because it  puts aside 10% of the profits from the sale of its official products to the Spanish Association Against Cancer. The race will start at the «Paseo Moret», and runs by «Princesa», «Plaza de España»,» Gran Vía», «Alcalá», «Puerta del Sol», «Mayor», «Bailén», Royal Palace,»Paseo del Pintor Rosales», «Ferraz», «Marqués de Urquijo» and again back to «Paseo  Camoens», where the finish line is located.

And whether you participate in the race or if you’re going to be just a spectator, you know that there is no better place to rest after a sporting event that our luxury hostel boutique (, located in the heart of Madrid, «Gran Vía» 61. Go ahead and book now!  We are running out of rooms already!

A big hug to all mothers and all women!


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