Cultural events in Madrid

The Capital never stops to reinvent itself, to enrich itself and to put at the reach of tourists and visitors a great offer of leisure, and also of culture! Today we will talk about five cultural events in Madrid that you will love to meet.

The Community of Madrid received 12 million tourist visits in the year 2017. And most of these tourists visited the city. And is because we are a reference for tourism in one of the most visited countries in the world. There must be a reason!

Tourism in Madrid is also a quality tourism. Unlike the coastal areas, visitors (both foreign and foreign) who choose our city, often seek monuments, art, music, theater, information … in a word: culture!

For all readers of our blog, and especially for lovers of cultural tourism, we have made a small selection of cultural events in Madrid that are worth visiting. Some are very popular, although others maybe you do not know them. But what we are sure that you will love them.

Cultural events in Madrid that you cannot miss 

The artistic and intellectual activity of Madrid is so wide that selecting some cultural events in Madrid means leaving others equally fascinating on the sidelines.

But do not worry, because if you follow us, you can meet other cultural events that are worthwhile in any of the posts we publish every week.

We have chosen cultural events that are held annually, and that you can attend, not only in what remains of 2018 and 2019, but also in 2020 and in successive years.

Let’s go!

#1. Autumn festival

It is the great annual event that brings the best of the performing arts. All kinds of music, dance and theater offer all kinds of experiences for all audiences.

This year is the XXXVI edition , between November 15 and December 2. You can enjoy its 21 shows, and 5 creation laboratories. All creativity and avant-garde with artists from 15 different nationalities

The festival is an excellent plan for this fall, and for those who remain to come!

#2. Gastrofestival

And from a dance festival we go to one of gastronomy. Because the culinary art and the tasting form one of the basic pillars of our culture.

Around 300 activities in which more than 400 establishments participate, including restaurants, shops, cultural centers in Madrid and even museums.

The whole program is designed to enjoy the cuisine, but not only from the culinary point of view; but also from other cultural areas such as art, cinema, literature or fashion

The gastrofestival is at the end of January and the beginning of February.

#3.The Night of Books

If you like to read and enjoy literature, in April you have an appointment in The Night of Books. This is one of the cultural events in Madrid that most arouses curiosity, and serves to make way for World Book Day, on April 23.

In the XIII edition of this year, the program was developed in four different stages:

  • La Casa de Correos.
  • La Casa de Postas.
  • Pontejos square.
  • Rey square.

Talks, round tables, recitals of poetry, songs, storytelling … Everything related to the literary universe, writers and literary classics of yesterday and today, for audiences of all ages

This year, the audience was able to enjoy the presence of personalities such as Almudena Grandes, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Andreu Buenafuente, among others

#4. Global Robot Expo

And from the venerable and immemorial spirit of the books and their stories, to a near future that seems to come from the most crazy science fiction. In Global Robot Expo (GR-EX) you will have the chance to know all the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies.

The areas in which the GR-EX is centered are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 4.0 Industry
  • Service robotics.
  • Health
  • Drones & Aerospace.

According to experts, the fourth industrial revolution is coming, and it is expected that technologies such as IA, Deep Learning, drons or 3D printing will quickly change our everyday reality

Being up to date with the latest technological advances may be the best way to avoid becoming obsolete

Do not let the future will surprise you!

The exhibition will take place at IFEMA in the beginning of May.

#5. DECODE Festival

And the music festival to enjoy outdoors in summer is, DECODE Festival!

DECODE always includes in its billboard the best pop-rock and indie bands, both national and international.

This year, artists and band like Sidonie, Sam Fender, Berri Txarrak or Triángulo de Amor Bizarro were some of the most important names for the audience in one of the main cultural events in Madrid in terms of the music scene

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