Bulls arrive to Madrid!

The bullfight is the oldest  entertainment of masses in Spain . Considered by many as one of the most important expressions of Hispanic culture, it is an art, a tradition that is so entrenched in the roots of Spain that is a «National Day».

Ortega y Gasset said: «It can not be well understand the history of Spain without having built the history of bullfighting». There is a large number of amateurs to the bulls that make it an art, a beautiful show where an ancient culture manifests. What is most appreciated is the courage and skill of the torero and not the death of the bull

Since it first appearance , appeared supporters and detractors , which has made t that important intellectuals and artists  defend or criticize this spectacle . Despite the criticism, bullfights are still there, like a typical Spanish stereotype, together with flamenco. On the other hand, it is important to mention that this kind of show has exerted an important influence on our language with expressions like: take the bull by the horns( coger el toro por los cuernos) , be made a bull or leave through the front door ( estar hecho uno toro o salir por la puerta grande), are some of the examples, there also its influence on the music, as El pasodoble.

Toros Madrid


Throughout the month of May it will be celebrated in Madrid  la Feria de San Isidro, and how could it be otherwise, one of the most important bullfights in Spain have the meeting point  in  La Plaza de Toros Monumental de las Ventas in Madrid.

There will also be celebrations in many parts of the city, mainly the most traditional, such as La Plaza Mayor,  Las Vistillas and  La Pradera de San Isidro. The city is filled with concerts, performances, contests, parades and street parties. And on May 15, day of San Isidro, a pilgrimage and a popular meal is organized. A great party not to be missed!

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