The most read 5 articles of our blog in 2017

The year 2017 comes to an end to welcome a new period. The earth has almost completed an entire round around the Sun since the last time we wished you happy Christmas at the end of 2016.

And to bid farewell to the year we want to remember the best of these 365 days that we are about to leave, that’s why we want to share with you the most read post of our blog in 2017. We are really convinced that if you take a look, you will find something interesting about Madrid’s wonders and secrets. Will you come with us?

Those very special corners of Madrid, some emblematic places to visit, many alternative enclaves of the capital and the best activities to do in «the city of Bear and Madroño». All those topics and much more, they have had their small space in the Vitium blog during this year.

We have filled our agenda of those publications with useful and valuable information for tourists and visitors who want to spend some unforgettable days in Madrid, including people from Madrid who want to be updated with all the interesting things that happen in their city.

And…what was the best of the whole year? It was you! Casual readers, loyal followers, customers and friends … All those who read us and follow our publications every week.

As a sign of gratitude, we have checked the analytics to see which articles were the most successful among those that we published this year. And here you have the best ones of 2017 on Let’s take a look at them!

 The most read posts of our blog in 2017 

 Vitium’s team had many expectations regarding the most successful posts, and we can tell you that there were even small improvised bets. What was the result? Some of the articles with more readers were predictable, for their quality, their subject matter or their interest; others, they have really surprised us! And we are convinced that you will also be surprised.

#1    The 7 best nightclubs in Madrid   

The number 1 is one of those that has left us astonished, in a positive sense, of course!If readers of our Vitium blog have shown us something is that they like dancing and having fun.

And who does not? we encourage you from here to continue moving your body in the mythical clubs of Madrid. And if you are one of those few people who didn’t read the post, do not forget to visit it just to have a complete guide with the best dancing venues and concerts designed for all tastes. And as the song says…Please Don’t stop the music!

#2  The 5 funniest activities in Madrid

If there was any doubt, our readers love «the action», and that’s why they are constantly looking for something new to do just to «steal» a new experience from the city.In this article there are some of them. If you have not read the post yet, here you have a handful of fun activities to laugh or laugh at.

#3 Accommodation for groups in Madrid

And now we are going to speak about a much more pragmatic theme. Imagine you are in charge or in charge of organizing a trip to Madrid with accommodation included for a group of people (bachelor parties, retirees, students …) and you see that the offers you are finding on the Internet do not meet your expectations…

Well, here you have some tips to find the best option, and a full explanation of the offer we have in our hostel-boutique, with a very interesting and special rate for groups.

#4  Shopping in Madrid 

According to a study made in 2014, more than 50% of Spaniards chose to «look at shop windows and browse through stores» as their favorite way to shopping around.

And although the statistics dropped slightly, yielding a bit of ground to online shopping, our readers show that there are still many people who love real shopping in the streets of our city.In this article you have a guide to find the best shops and shopping centers for a getaway and go shopping if you are passing through Madrid.

#5 Five free museums in Madrid:

We knew that in our audience there were many lovers of cultural tourism, and it has been reflected in our top 5 of the most read articles in 2017.

And although we are sure that most of you would pay all the necessary to visit the five temples of art and culture that we enumerated in the article, in this case there is the incentive that, the entrance is free! At least, in some time slots or on special days.

If you didn’t read it already, take a look at the post!    And that’s all, up to here with the «top five» of the most read articles of our blog in 2017. We hope you have found what you needed, since the vast majority are small mini-guides of travel and activities to thoroughly enjoy Madrid.

Which of the items did you like the most? Would you have chosen for someone who does not appear in our list of most read posts? We will be looking forward for your comments

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