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Gone is Valentine’s Day, that date marked in red in the calendar of many in which yes or yes we must celebrate that we are in love. But … why limit yourself to just one day a year? Love has to take care of it every day and for that, every detail counts.

The writer Gabriel García Márquez once said: «I believe there is no greater human misfortune than the inability to love.» Therefore, if there is someone who occupies your heart you must feel a lucky person and watch that the flame stays on forever.

There are many things you can do to prove to your couple that the magical feeling that unites you is still alive and from Vitium we offer you an idea that never fails: a romantic getaway to a hotel in Madrid.

If you have not had time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or you think that any day is good to celebrate love and surprise your couple, take a look at the romantic getaway we have prepared for you.

4 plans for a romantic getaway to a hotel in Madrid

The daily stress and the frenetic rhythm of life that we are presently preventing us, too often, spend time with that beloved person who gives us happiness.

If we want love to last, it is always necessary to look for moments to share as a couple, away from any other distraction. It is those instants, in which you are only two, will strengthen and strengthen the relationship.

Looking for those moments of intimacy becomes especially necessary when the couple has children. If it is already difficult to enjoy moments of privacy with the loved one every day, this task becomes extremely complicated if there are small children.

In this case, it is vital to take a break with the couple and look for plans as a romantic getaway to a hotel in Madrid.

There are many things you can do in the capital. The city is full of possibilities. Here we make four proposals for you to make the most of the romantic getaway to Madrid.

# 1 Walking around the Retiro

Retiro is one of the most beautiful parks in Spain. Going through its avenues full of nature and history is a real pleasure for the senses, and do so from the hand of the person you love will turn the walk into an unforgettable memory. Our advice: take advantage of the sunset light. Views are beautiful!

# 2 Go to a musical

Madrid’s entertainment offer is impressive, and one of the most acclaimed shows by those who opt for a romantic getaway to a hotel in Madrid are musicals. If you want to surprise your couple with a fun plan, watching a musical in the capital is a great option.

# 3 Dining at a fancy restaurant

Is there anything more romantic than a candlelit dinner? If you have decided to surprise your couple with a romantic getaway to a hotel we recommend you visit one of the many fancy restaurants in Madrid in which they prepare authentic delicacies for the palate.

Wear your best clothes, and take advantage of dinner to chat and exchange those confessions that you cannot do at home in front of children.

# 4 Staying in a fancy Hotel

The finishing touch of a romantic getaway to a dream hotel will come at nightfall. If you want to succeed you must choose a hotel according to the occasion as the Vitium boutique hotel, located in the heart of Madrid.

Vitium is a place full of style and avant-garde, that will provide you and your partner the peace and tranquility that you need to enjoy your love.

The decoration of each of the 12 exclusive rooms of the hotel is exquisite, inspired by the representation of the 7 deadly sins and designed to surprise.

If you also want to give your couple a romantic getaway to a hotel in Madrid, do not miss our special offer «Romantic Getaway» which includes two nights in a double room, with a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates.


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