Gran Via of Madrid is one of the main streets of Madrid, and also one of the most emblematic avenues of contemporary history. That’s why a hotel in Gran Via is a hotel with history. Do you want to know it? Come here with us!

As one of the main axes of urban development in Madrid, the Gran Via has been an exceptional witness of major changes and historical and social transformations for more than a century.

In Gran Via travelers can find a vibrant, cosmopolitan, action-packed and culturally rich area. Shops, restaurants, cinemas and of course hotels like us. Located in a protected building, Vitium Boutique Hotel participates in the history of this emblematic avenue in Madrid.

Gran Via, more than a century of history

The construction of Gran Vía began to be planned in the 19th century. The objective was to establish a communication way between Calle de Alcalá and Plaza San Marcial (currently Plaza de España), decongesting Puerta del Sol. This megalomaniac project had a great impact on public opinion wich argued about it.

The count of Romanones, mayor of Madrid in that time, asked for a feasibility study of the project in 1898, but Gran Via would still take ten years to start being built it.

The works did not begin until 1910, under the approval of the king Alfonso XIII and with the count of Peñalver as mayor Madrid.

Before finishing the works of the nascent Gran Vía, it began to became full with shops, commercial stores, american-style pubs, and 13 cinemas. That splendid time and its great musicals made people named it The Spanish Broadway.

But not everything was wonderful in the construction of Gran Via. For performing this architectural goal had to demolish 358 farms and 48 streets to become in 1.316 meters that measures the avenue, from one extreme to another one.

A privileged witness of passage of the time

Gran Vía was not all time named so, neither was it limited to have a nickname in honor of the classic avenue of New York. During the Spanish Civil War was known like Avenida de los Obuses. And after the war, was named Avenida de José Antonio.

As a witness of the passage of the decades, also was affected by the historical and social events that happened in this wide artery of Madrid.

The urban project and its architectural value

A project of such magnitude could only be carry out in parts. There were three sections that were built at different times. We will mentioned the current names of the sites so you can recognize them when you are visiting Madrid.

First section: Alcalá – Red de San Luis (1910-1917)
Second section: Red de San Luis – Plaza de Callao (1917-1921)

Third section: Plaza del Callao – Plaza de España (1926-1955)

Most of Gran Via’s buildings have great architectural value.

The Capitol Building, Chicote Museum, the cinemas as The Palace of Music or Telefónica Building are some of the architectural jewels of Madrid and form part of the history of Gran Via today and ever.

Vitium Urban Suites, a hotel in Gran Via, in the center of Madrid; A hotel with history!

We are a luxury boutique hotel is located in Gran Via, 61 in a protected building with great architectural value. A privileged place for us and our guests.

We are part of the history of Gran Via, of Madrid, at the same time is the current history of Spain and we love that.

When you come to Madrid do not forget to give you a tour full of history on the Gran Vía. And if you want to stay in this fascinating artery of the capital, in Vitium Urban Suites we await you with open arms!


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