An old tower of illumination and communications rehabilitated for tourist use, it shelters the most spectacular viewpoint of the capital, for the delight of tourists in Madrid. We speak about of the Lighthouse of Moncla. Find it out!

To contemplate the city as a bird is the best complement for a tourist visit in Madrid. The visitor who ascend to the viewpoint of the Moncloa Lighthouse and see the capital from its 92 meters high get it.

The viewpoint is located on the top of a lighting and communications tower, that currently only offers services as a tourist attraction, in the University City. It was built in 1992 on the occasion of the designation of Madrid as European Capital of Culture. The construction reaches a total of 110 meters high, the eleventh highest construction in the city.

The views from the lighthouse of Moncloa, an indisputable attraction for tourists in Madrid

The show starts from the moment the visitor starts the climbing in the glazed elevator that gives access to the viewpoint on a trip to the heights that lasts 50 seconds. Its disc or oval shape and its huge windows offer an incredible panoramic view of the city.

From the heights of the Lighthouse of Moncloa, the tourist can see some of the most characteristic, building, monuments and enclaves of Madrid:

The Royal Palace.
• The Cathedral of the Almudena.
• The Four Towers.
• The Victory Arch.
• Air Force Headquarters
• The Gran Vía.
• The Telefónica Building.
• Torrespaña
• The Cibeles Palace.
• The Guadarrama mountain range.
• Etc.

In turn, the Lighthouse of Moncloa is visible from the entire northwestern part of Madrid.

Immerse yourself in the history of the city of Madrid from the air

There could not be a best location to know the history of the city. And the Lighthouse of Moncloa offers documents and information that give to the visitor a tour of the growth and development of the city, with up to 50 reproductions of scale of buildings and locations that can be seen from the viewpoint.

 Cultural offer for tourists in Madrid around the Lighthouse of Moncloa

If you are looking for a small route that includes among its tourist attractions to the Lighthouse of Moncloa, to plan an organized trip or enjoy a romantic getaway taking advantage of the spectacular views of the viewpoint, the area has a great cultural offer to complete the visit:

1. Museum of America: very close to the Lighthouse of Moncloa is the Museum of America, in the area of Princesa, with a fascinating exhibition of colonial and pre-Columbian pieces.

2. Museum del Traje: not far from the viewpoint, the visitors can make an intesting review of the history of clothing from the sixteenth century onwards.
3. Headquarters of the Air Force: as we have mentioned, one of the buildings that stands out most from the viewpoint.
4. Alfonso XII Royal Botanic Garden: located in Univerisity City, specifically, at the Complutense University of Madrid. With a variety of over 1,000 different plant species.

They are just a handful of examples, because to summarize the cultural offer of a city like Madrid, even if it is limited to the area around the Lighthouse of Moncloa, it would be impossible!

Now you know the Lighthouse of Moncloa as a tourist attraction, and some corners worth visiting in its surroundings.

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