Shopping in Madrid

If go to shopping is one of your favorite pleasures, Madrid awaits you. The city is considered one of the best for shopping in the world thanks to there are a lot of shopping centers, stores and markets. Do you come for shopping to Madrid?

Shopping in Madrid: what are the best areas?

Are you going to just visit the capital or thinking about go to shopping? Well, so do not stop to read this article. We do a review of the best areas and shopping centers for shopping in Madrid. Take the card and wear the more comfortable shoes that you have because… let’s start!

The 6 best areas for shopping in Madrid

The capital of Spain is famous for several reasons and one of them is its huge and varied commercial offer, able to satisfy even the most exquisite tastes.

Not in vain Madrid is part of the exclusive list of the best cities on the planet for shopping, which also includes capitals as: New York, London or Paris.

You can find stores in almost every corner of the city. Nevertheless, there are areas that you must go if you are shopping in Madrid.

#1 Gran Vía

The Gran Via is one of those mythical shopping areas in Madrid. In the past it was for its cinemas, and today it is for the great variety of stores, restaurants and cafeterias that give life to it.

The central Madrid street is the paradise of the lovers of shopping. We can walk more than 1 kilometer admiring on the windows of well-known firms such as Zara, Cortefiel or Primark, the second largest chain store in the world that has become one of the sensations of the area.

#2 Sol-Preciados

Street Preciados like del Carmen and Arenal streets are a must stop on your shopping route in Madrid. Every day thousands of locals and tourists walk through these three arteries looking for their latest acquisition to renew the closet.

But not only fashion is what we can find in this interesting comercial area, but also articles such as books, music, technology, decoration or food in places as Fnac or El Corte Inglés. Although these streets being pedestrian does nothing more than increase its charm.

#3 Chueca y Fuencarral

If you are a fan of alternative fashion do not miss visiting the famous Chueca neighborhood. Consecrated brands such as Levi’s, Diesel, QuickSilver, Custo Barcelona, Pepe Jeans or Gas are in the shop windows of the area, which combine with more avant-garde and casual proposals.

The small commerce is another of the ingredients of the zone of Chueca and Fuencarral. Of particular note are crafts, jewelry and accessories.

#4 Triball

Triball is an emerging commercial area of the Spanish capital where we recommend you a visit if you are planning come for shopping in Madrid. It is located in the triangle formed by the streets Desengaño, Valverde, Baja Corredera de San Pablo and Ballesta.

It is a bet for the alternative and new trends in art and fashion. In addition, of the commercial proposal we can admire charming designer stores that have tried to respect until the most the ancient architectural structures.

Beauty and wellbeing also have a place in the area of Triball thanks to its hairdressers and beauty centers.

#5 Salamanca Neighborhood

If there are two features that define the shopping area of the Salamanca neighborhood is luxury and exclusivity. That’s why it is known as the Golden Mile.

The most prestigious fashion, jewelry and accessories firms of the national and international scene are located in this distinguished area of Madrid occupying elegant commercial shops.

Boutiques as: Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel, Vuitton, Cartier, Bvlgari, Elio Berhanyer or Hannibal Laguna are waiting for you in Salamanca. If you are a lover of luxury you can not stop going shopping in Madrid and its more select neighborhood.

#6 Shopping centers

We would not close this list without mentioned the shopping centers, the best option for those who prefer to find all the offer in the same place. Of course, you have to go to them by car or using public transport of Madrid.

We highlight the best known shopping centers such as Xanadú in the area of Arroyomolinos, La Gavia in Vallecas, Parquesur in Leganés, or Isla Azul in the neighborhood of Carabanchel with its more than 180 shops.

Walking the city for shopping is a luxury but is also exhausting. And what better way to recover than resting in the boutique hotel Vitium located in the heart of Gran Vía, one of the most interesting commercial areas of the capital.

It is the perfect plan to end an unforgettable shopping afternoon. Give yourself the whim you deserve! We are waiting for you!


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