Madrid at night: activities at night in the Capital

Going out partying in the capital is a plan for many young people, and for those who are not. In addition, there are other options if what you want is a quieter alternative. We invite you to join us on this route through Madrid at night, where the leisure offer never ends. Would you come with us…?

It is said that Madrid is, «the city that never sleeps». And with that fame it´s not surprising that it is considered one of the European capitals of the party. Its variety of venues, the originality of its offer of activities, and the cosmopolitan character of the locals make their city one of the favorite places to look for entertainment.

Madrid at night: the best activities to do at night in the Capital

If you are in Madrid, or if you plan to come here, nothing better than recommending the best places and even a route through Madrid at night.

Madrid, with its charm, invites you to discover it.

Party in Madrid at night: Best places and activities

If you’re looking for a party, music, drinks and a good time, these are the best nightlife venues in Madrid.

#1. See the sunset from the roof of the Círculo de Bellas Artes

We started with something quiet: spend the afternoon drinking something on the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes. It has become a place of concurrence for many people in Madrid.

A very pleasant atmosphere in which to take something with your partner or your friends while you see the Madrid sky at nightfall. In fact, we already talked about this terrace in an article about the best viewpoints in Madrid, and it was not by chance; the views of the city from there are amazing.
It may be the perfect place to start your tour of Madrid at night, although this is only an appetizer, because they close at 9:00 p.m.

#2. Enjoy at Café Berlin the best live music

Located in Costanilla de los Ángeles, it is a live music room, where you can drink something, share, and at the same time listen to music from Spanish groups or artists in genres as diverse as flamenco, rock or soul.

#3. Dancing in the Gabana, until faint!

An incredible site that stands out for the number of celebrities that you can find there. Located on Calle Velázquez, it stands out for its select atmosphere.
In the opinion of the critics, it is the best disco in Madrid.

#4. Make a night tour walking around Madrid

And although the favorite places for many people are nightclubs, the capital offers much more than that for tourists and visitors who prefer other quieter plans, which are no less fun or interesting.

One of them consists of a 3-hour guided tour of the most fascinating parts of Madrid, seeing its incredible illuminated buildings.

The tour runs through the Royal Palace and ends at the Plaza Mayor, passing by Gran Vía, a spectacular avenue to see at night, where our luxury boutique hostel is located. A truly privileged environment. Do not forget to take comfortable shoes!

And if you are looking for a hotel on your trip to Madrid, at the Boutique hotel vitium we offer you the exclusive comfortable accommodation you need to rest after a night of walking. You will be in the Gran Vía, one of the busiest areas of Madrid, with a large number of fashionable places and a bustling offer of leisure and entertainment.

Come to Vitium; more than a hotel, an experience!

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