Visitable palaces in Madrid

Who has never dreamed of living in a palace? Maybe you cannot live in one, but you can visit it! Today, the main visiting palaces in Madrid that you should see if you pass through the city.

They are examples of luxury, power, exclusivity … But above all, they are exceptional witnesses of our history.

The wealth, not only material, but also cultural and artistic of the palaces is beyond doubt.
Do you want to know the best palaces in Madrid that remain open for visitors? You have them below.

The visiting palaces in Madrid that you should see at least once in your life

Madrid has a great architectural heritage, and that can be seen in a host of emblematic buildings. But if anything appreciates all that heritage in all its splendor, it is in its palaces.

Let’s see which are the palaces that can be visited in Madrid, that is, those that remain open to the public. Let’s go there!

#1. The Royal Palace

It could not be otherwise. The Royal Palace has been the home of the Spanish monarchs, from Charles III to Alfonso XIII, including Charles IV, Fernando VII, etc. However, the current palace, erected on the ruins of the Old Alcázar, began to be built by order of Felipe V.

The building, designed by Filippo Juvara and his disciple Juan Bautista Sachetti, would have been inspired by Bernini’s sketches for the construction of the Louvre (Paris).

Among its no less than 3,000 rooms, highlight the Throne Room, the Main Staircase, the Hall of Halberds or the Royal Pharmacy, to name just a few of them.
Visiting hours range between 10:00 and 18:00 or 20:00, depending on the date of the year.
The entrance is priced at 5-10 euros.

#2. The Pardo Palace

It is the place where the foreign heads of state who come to Spain for an official visit are staying. Built in 1405 by order of King Henry III of Castile, it was remodeled by Henry IV, and later converted from castle to palace by Charles I.Kings Philip II, Philip III and Charles III also made several renovations.

A dazzling palace in which the staircase and the Patio de los Borbones stand out.It can be visited between 10:00 and 18-20 hours, depending on the time of year.
At certain times of the year, some passes are free for certain time slots. The rest of passes are priced at 4-9 euros.

#3. Palace of the Marquis of Linares

One of the most visited palaces in Madrid that most dazzles tourists. This majestic palace has 4 floors erected on a sub-basement that gave access to the stables. Its construction was commissioned to the architect Carlos Colubí in 1877 by the Marquises of Linares.

The palace is located in the Plaza Cibeles, which is ideal if you are looking for plans in the center of Madrid to walk without a car, and see some of the jewels that the city keeps for lovers of cultural tourism.

Inside there are several rooms worth visiting, and especially highlights the famous House of Dolls. The palace is famous for its preciousness, and its exquisite and exclusive decoration, appreciable in its marbles, its paintings, tapestries, noble wood carvings, etc.

It is currently the headquarters of the Casa de América.

Guided tours of the palace take place on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00.
The price of the ticket is 5-8 euros.

#4. Palace of the Marquis Grimaldi or Godoy

Something more modest, but very relevant also from a historical point of view is the Palace of the Marquis Grimaldi, or also known as Godoy Palace.

Both names refer to the characters that inhabited it.Its construction was commissioned to the famous architect Francisco Sabatini, in 1776, by order of Carlos III. While Godoy lived there, the interior was decorated with great luxury (frescoes, marbles, sculptures …). Currently, the palace houses the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies.

To be able to attend this palace, you must register in advance on the Welcome to the Palace website, which discovers tourists like you up to a score of open palaces in Madrid through guided tours, dramatizations and other activities.

A luxury accommodation that will make you feel like you are in one of the best palaces in Madrid

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