The best viewpoints of Madrid

Sometimes, what you need is to change your perspective. Discover a city from above. Let yourself be dazzled by the silhouettes, by the skyline. In the Capital, you can do it thanks to the best viewpoints of Madrid.

Sometimes it is necessary to see things from another perspective. Get out of the tunnel vision that immerses us day by day. You have to look away from what is right in front of you and see everything as a small part of something much greater.

And if you do it from one of the viewpoints of the city, you will see a different Madrid! You will see a city that does not appear in the tourist guides, and that even the most from Madrid does not perceive when they are on their way to work or when they go out for a drink.
Next, we will show you five proposals to visit in the best viewpoints of Madrid. Are you ready to radically change your angle of vision?

The 5 best viewpoints in Madrid, what are they?

For its enclaves, for its architectural value, and of course, for its wonderful views! There are some of the places where you will get the best views of Madrid.

1. Roof of El Círculo de Bellas Artes

Iconic space like none. If you have ever looked at a photograph on Gran Vía, it was surely taken from here.
The roof of El Círculo de Bellas Artes, for 4 euros, will let you contemplate the panorama of Madrid, ranging from the Sierra de Guadarrama to the Cerro de los Ángeles.
Since always, it has been one of the essential conclaves for the Madrid sunset.Its a beatiful place.

2. Lighthouse of Moncloa

It is, for many tourists, the leading place in terms of the spectacular views of Madrid. In 1992, the Moncloa Lighthouse was built as a lighting tower 110 meters high.

Today, thanks to its panoramic elevators and gigantic windows, you can see iconic seats in the capital: the Royal Palace and the Cibeles Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, the four Towers ( Cuatro Torres), La Sierra de Guadarrama, and stop counting.Its a great place.

3. Viewpoint of the Cibeles Palace

The Cibeles Palace, (Palacio de cibeles) today the seat of the City Council, houses an entrance (on the sixth floor) to one of the most complete viewpoints in the city.
With a price of 2 euros for adults and 50 cents for children, you will have available 360-degree views of the Madrid urban landscape. Its proximity has made it one of the favorites for tourists.

4. Parque de las siete tetas

Sometimes, we need to see Madrid from a natural enclave. Therefore, nothing better than going to the neighborhood of Vallecas, from where you can observe a phenomenal sunset from El Cerro del Tío Pío Park, or Parque de las Siete Tetas.

Ideal to watch the sunset, the stars, enjoy the outdoors based on a picnic. In short, everything will depend on the creativity you have for the moment.

Seven hills make up this park that was created almost 40 years ago on a dump, which gives particular ripples to the hills.

5. Chair of Philip II ( Silla de Felipe II)

Madrid is a city full of unmissable places. But there is one that we should recommend in this list of the best viewpoints of Madrid, although to get there we must leave the town, in the direction of the municipality of San Lorenzo del Escorial, 47 kilometers from the city.

According to the different theories, King Felipe II supervised from this place the construction of El Escorial (Patrimony of the Humanity). True or not, the view from this place is impressive, and ranges from the mountains to the monument itself.

With these 6 proposals to contemplate the best views of Madrid, and with the excellent and central location of the boutique hostel Vitium Urban Suites, discover Madrid from another perspective is possible. We have rooms with incredible views over Gran Vía , the main artery of the city.
Come and see Madrid from above

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