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FITUR, the most awaited event in the tourism industry

As every year in Madrid at the end of January, it take place the long-awaited International Tourism Fair – FITUR. This year will be held from 20 to 24 of January for the enjoyment of professionals and admirers of the development about international tourism.

Why we like traveling? Why is so special to leave out our comfort zone and venture into unknown places? Sure, each of us have asked these and many other issues.

Traveling teaches us to know ourselves a bit more, widen our cultural knowledge and global understanding of the whole World, keeping us away from our routine, leaving ideological, religious, political or social ideas; and simply becoming in happier people. It is a habit of many of us that we cannot release…

Madrid FITUR generates excitement nationally and internationally due to the high quality of tourist information, turnover and marketing, which are generated annually after this fair. It is a very important meeting either for the general public and tourism professionals, becoming in the quickest and efficient way to reach consumers of «tourism».


IFEMA Madrid

The Fair Institution of Madrid – IFEMA is the perfect place to celebrate an important fair like this, because it has the best and proper facilities for the exhibitions proposed by the tourism industry.

Furthermore, IFEMA has a very good communication by the public network transport of Madrid, facilitating the access into it and ensuring everyone is able to go to all parts of the city, then you can enjoy of what Madrid offers to its visitors.

Vitium Urban Suites is available for a rest after a stressful day at the fair, as it is located in the heart of Madrid, in Gran Via street, and with easy access by public transport. Stay with us!

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FITUR, la cita más esperada en el sector turístico
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