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There are so many typical dishes to eat in the capital that it is the best when you come to Madrid, and you have to organize with time to try them all. Our gastronomy is one of the best considered in Europe, since we have a great variety of food of exquisite quality. But, undoubtedly, Madrid’s gastronomy is positioned in one of the highest positions, as it has a traditional and authentic food, with simple dishes and other more elaborate ones. Here you can find different types of food, but, above all, meat predominates thanks to its high quality.

If there is something typical in Spain are the tapas, and of course, Madrid is not going to be less. Among these, the best known and predominant are the tortilla de patata, patatas bravas, ensaladilla rusa, torreznos … etc. There are different bars or restaurants where you can try different tapas, but, without a doubt, if you order a beer or a soft drink, they will almost always be accompanied by a tapa. Some of the places where the tapas are delicious are: Triana, here you can’t leave without trying their exquisite tortilla de patata; Las bravas, a Madrid classic; Taberna de Angel Sierra, is located in Chueca and is one of the oldest and most traditional taverns in the capital where you can drink their well-known vermut on tap; and Casa Dani, where its decoration will send you to another era, and its tapas, straight to heaven, from their jamón serrano, to the best cheese, loin, bonito, anchovy and more.

Typical food from Madrid

Madrid is a city famous for its gastronomy as it is one of the attractions of the capital. Here you will have to try its well-known dishes such as cocido madrileño or huevos rotos, and of course, its best desserts.

The typical food of our city is composed of dishes with fresh products of the region such as meat for the spoon dishes or stews. Also, as mentioned above, it is worth mentioning the different tapas that you can try in the vast majority of bars or restaurants.

Among the many recipes or traditional meals, we will name the most typical dishes that you have to try if you visit Madrid.

Cocido madrileño

The cocido madrileño is, according to many people, the most typical and well-known dish of Madrid, making it an essential dish to eat in the city. It is a curious food because everyone has their own way of cooking it, but the base must always be the same.

For its preparation, different meats, such as beef brisket, or chicken, bacon, morcilla and chorizo, as well as ham bones must be put in a pot with cold water that covers the contents. As you can see, it is a dish that requires a lot of ingredients, however, many of them you may have at home. Next, add the vegetables to the pot, such as cabbage, carrots, leeks, and chickpeas. When everything is cooked, divide the broth, put it on the fire and add a handful of noodles while it boils.

The dish is divided into three parts, starting with the noodle soup, then the chickpeas and vegetables, and finally the meat.

platos tipicas de madrid vitium hostal en madrid centro

Callos a la madrileña

Tripe is one of the dishes most closely linked to Madrid’s gastronomy. Perhaps, if you don’t know what tripe really is, it may give you a little “thing” for what it really is, but it is perhaps the most unique dish you will try.

Tripe is the guts of an animal, usually cow or lamb, which is eaten with morcilla, chorizo or bacon and a little ham. To give them their characteristic spicy touch, a sauce is made with garlic, onion and chili pepper. Once the sauce is ready, add the tripe and the morcilla and chorizo, then add water and boil it for about 20 minutes.

Huevos estrellados

One of the easiest dishes of typical Madrilenian cuisine to make is, surely, huevos estrellados or also called huevos rotos. This dish has only fried potatoes with eggs, also fried on top. They are eaten as is or accompanied by jamón serrano, although you can also see them with chistorra, bacon, or truffle.

Bocadillo de calamares (squid sandwich)

Who has never had a squid sandwich in the Plaza Mayor? If you come to Madrid you have to try it if or if, as it is a typical food of Madrid. It is simply a sandwich with calamares a la romana (squid) inside.

platos tipicas de madrid vitium hostal en madrid centro


The gallinejas, despite not being well known, is a traditional dish of Madrid for many years, as it was very popular for its high energy intake and low cost. This meal consists of lamb tripe fried and accompanied, generally, by fried potatoes cooked with the same oil.

Patatas bravas

platos tipicas de madrid vitium hostal en madrid centro

It is one of the most typical tapas that you can find in the bars of the capital and consists of small pieces of potatoes cut into squares or irregularly, fried and accompanied by a sauce with a spicy touch, called salsa brava.

We advise you to accompany the patatas bravas with a cold beer or a vermut, as together they will form a perfect combination.

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