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The Madrid amusement park was born in 1969 giving a new start to the leisure and entertainment business in Spain, considered as the first place where Spanish go to enjoy themselves. In Madrid, this is one of the biggest amusement parks where you will get to ride more than thirty attractions.

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year for you to go with your friends and/or family since it has many water games so you can cool off while having a fun time.

The park is located in Casa de Campo, where you will enjoy the different outdoor games that are divided into four thematic areas: nature, tranquility, machinism and the Nickelodeon Land area.

In this blog we will tell you the main reasons why you should visit the amusement park in summer so that you can enjoy this moment with friends and family.

1. Amusement park with different areas

  • Nature: This area is where you can find a full vegetation, where you can find water games such as the Fjords, Mine Train, Vertigo and the Merry-go-round.
  • Relaxation: In this area you can relax with your family, enjoying the sunset and different panoramic views. You will find games such as Zeppelin, The Jungle and Star Flyer.
  • Machinism: This is o ne of the most exciting and fast zones in the park where you can experience excitement and adrenaline in the various roller coasters that have a height of 49 meters. There are several games that you can’t miss such as the flying chair machine, the shuttle and the top spin.
  • Nickelodeon Land: if you have kids this is the perfect area to take them. It is where they can live a unique experience with Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Ninja Turtles, Bikini Bottom and others.

2. Special promotions and discounts in Summer

The promotions and discounts that the amusement park will offer you are extensive. If you are already sure of the day and date you are going to go and you buy the tickets, you will see the discount already reflected for having bought them in advance. It is important to know that the maximum number of tickets you can buy is 10 per transaction.

Another option is the purchase of reduced tickets, which are valid for children measuring between 100 cm to 140 cm, if you go with people over 60 to 64 years, people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33% and finally if you are a large family, you apply to such entry. Please note that if you buy a ticket for high season, the price may vary per day.

3. Unique Summer Experiences

If you want to celebrate your kids birthday and have guests you can book a half or full day at the park. You can enjoy the different experiences offered such as attending the different shows with Nickelodeon characters, Sponge Bob’s house, Marshall’s truck among others.

If you want to save waiting time and have faster access to the attractions you can buy the Speedy Pass which is the individual pass, valid for a single access and only include specific games such as Typhoon, Star Flyer, Zeppelin and others.

If you are looking for something special for this day, there is the VIP experience (for adult and reduced) that includes general admission to the park, the Speedy Pass Gold and the Express Menu. If you like everything related to horror, you can purchase the VIP Horror experience (adult and reduced) that will include the entrance to the park, The Walking Dead Experiencie ticket with photo so be ready to live the experience! You won’t regret being able to enter with your group to exclusive areas!

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