What is a boutique hotel

What is a boutique hotel and how does it differ from others

ou may have heard about boutique hotels or hostels, but you still don’t know exactly what they are. Or maybe you are planning a trip and want to know more about this kind of hotels just to know if it fits with your expectations. Discover what a boutique hotel is and why it may be a different accommodation offer.  We are sure that you’re going to love it!

One of the main problems facing some hotel chains is to differentiate themselves from others. The customer gets the feeling that, «If you have stayed in one of their suites, you have stayed in all!». Obviously, there are also many exceptions.

But it is a frequent complaint of hotel guests, especially when they are people who stay in hotels frequently due to their works . Well then; A boutique hotel flees precisely that, and provides two essential things to make a good impression in the hotel sector: exclusivity and personalized service.But let’s see more features of boutique hotels versus other hotel models.

What is a boutique hotel, and what are its characteristics?

To experience the history of boutique hotels, we will travel back in time to 1984. That year, Schrager and Steve Rubell opened the first boutique hotel in New York, with a genuine, quirky decor. It had a great success, and since then this type of hotels has expanded to all over the world.

The first and big difference is that a boutique hotel offers a luxury service. But luxury does not mean here that the price is gonna be very expensive. Luxury means exclusivity; it means that you are not going to be treated  like everybody is treated, you will be treated in a very personalized way.

The boutique hotels are different from the big chains where everything is standardized, packaged … Where suites have no personality.

The rest of the features listed below focus on very different aspects, but all revolve around this idea of exclusive treatment.
1. Urban location: boutique hotels are usually in the historic center of big cities. In areas where boulevards or shopping areas are located. With a great cultural and services offer.
2. Buildings of historical or architectural value: this type of hotel offers its services in buildings with history and architecture and a design of great historical and artistic value. They are not overly large nor do they usually have dozens of rooms. What really counts is not the size, but the experience that is offered to the customers.
3. Rooms with their own personality: all suites are different; They have, as it were, their own personality. Far away are the «soulless» rooms of impersonal hotels in which all rooms are similar. Often, the decor is themed.
4. Exclusive deal with the customer: we have already mentioned it before. In a boutique hostel the client receives a personalized treatment, as if of a guest, a friend of the house. Privacy is respected to the maximum.

Vitium, your boutique hostel in Madrid

Vitium Urban Sites is a luxury boutique hotel, and now that you know more about these types of hostels you will recognize its features immediately.

Our hotel is located in Madrid’s Gran Via, exactly at number 61, that is a protected historical building. Our hotel is avant-garde design, in addition to the architectural value of the building .

The 12 rooms of the hotel are decorated with motifs inspired by the 7 deadly sins.

We offer a quality service, 100% customer oriented, whom we treat as a guest, offering you exclusive and helpful treatment.

If you come to Madrid and you are looking for accommodation, our boutique hostel is at your disposal. We are sure you will enjoy a different experience!

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