The best Blogs of Madrid

Do you check blogs to know the best restaurants or monuments worth visiting? If so, you’re in the right place. Today we talk about the best blogs of Madrid on tourism, gastronomy, leisure and current affairs. Do you want to discover them? Follow us!

How many blogs are there in the world? It is said that there are about 200,000,000 blogs that are updated frequently around the planet, without taking into account those who hardly refresh their contents! They create about 5,000 every hour … Amazing! and How many blogs are there to talk about Madrid? We do not have information, but there are sure to be a few.

We know some of the best blogs in Madrid and we want to share them with you. Add them to your favorite list, because they have very valuable information for internet users like you.

Which are the best blogs of Madrid?

We have done a varied selection where you will find blogs about tourism, leisure, restaurants and gastronomic spaces, and the most vibrant current importance of the Community and the City of Madrid.

Everything you need to find all the information in the best blogs of Madrid.

#1. Discovering Mayrit

No, it isn’t a typo. Mayrit is the original name of Madrid, which dates back to the Muslim invasion of the Peninsula.

And is that from the moment one reads the name of this tour guide for Madrid already has some clues to the approach of the blog.

Singular buildings, monuments, culture, curiosities, green spaces … In his categories, the blog organizes a great maremágnum of cultural information about battles, historical prominent figures, museums, bridges, festivities, churches and an endless number of topics related to the cultural tourism in the Capital.

A blog with much merit that has been recognized by the Prize 20 Blogs Award in its X Edition in the category » Your city «.

If yours is the cultural tourism, visit monuments and know the history and the local culture that you visit, Discovering Mayrit  is your guide to know better our city.

#2. Bloggin’ Madrid

A blog with a bustling information activity on the leisure offer in Madrid. Bloggin’ Madrid tells you what to see, where to sleep, shows, sports and nightlife, as their categories indicate.

Artistic and cultural content, gastronomic, information about activities to do in family, and everything related to leisure and fun take place in your history of publications.

The bloggers of the site are a fairly extensive team of people from all  kinds of professions, and between which we also meet several journalists.
In addition, Bloggin ‘Madrid adds a color note dedicating a complete section of contents related to the collective LGTB.
One of the best and most original blogs in Madrid.

#3. Different Madrid

And if we talk about original blogs with some differentiating feature, we can´t forget Different Madrid.
The blog is actually a guide with the best bars and restaurants, and the most original shops in the city.
Also, you can find information on leisure, current affairs and all kinds of plans to enjoy Madrid to the maximum.
A great project on this blog.

In the same site you can buy online the Guide Different Madrid: the most genuine face of the city, elaborated by the equipment that manages the blog. In it you will find the most authentic and original places that are not included in other guides.
A great project on this blog.

#4. Con El Morro Fino

And it was time to introduce a blog about gastronomy.
Con el morro fino is  David Maldonado´s blog , in which we can find information about Madrid cuisine in general.
The gastronomic agenda of the city, information about events, the best restaurants, the most delicious products of gastronomy.

And the most original of the site from our point of view, the «Gastro-interviews» that in blog has done to prominent figures as Eva Hache, Leo Harlem or Ana Morgade, where the influencers tell us, between dishes and dishes, of their food and gastronomic preferences
The blog of reference for the fine lovers of gastronomic tourism.

*5. Vitium’s blog

And finally, allow us to commit the sin of the pretense on having included ourselves in this list of blogs of Madrid. After all, the 7 cardinal sins are very important in our Hotel – Boutique, provided that they use as decoration to our suites. And vanity is one of them.

Really we do not know if ours is one of the best blogs of Madrid. But we put very much determination in informing the public about the cultural offer and of leisure of Madrid.

In Vitium’s blog you can find information about monuments and special places of Madrid, plans and tourist alternative routes, history and cultural offer of the city, events of interest for the visitor, and an endless useful information to discover tall the charm of the city of the Bear and the Madroño.

This is your home and we wait anxious for your next visit. We will continue here, sharing our passion for Madrid, probably the richest city in experiences of the whole country.See you soon!

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