The best blogs of Madrid in English

The blogosphere has become a conglomerate of online sites in which you can inform yourself about anything imaginable. And of course, also about places. Today we talk about the best blogs about Madrid in English.

There are so many blogs about Madrid. There are blogs about tourism, about the places where you can enjoy the gastronomy of the capital, about the history and culture of the city … And not all of them are in Spanish.

If you visit our blog from abroad, you want to improve English while you learn things about Madrid, or you just want to know the English-speaking blogosphere in the capital, do not miss this post.

¿What are the best blogs of Madrid in English?

In this list of Anglophone blogs of Madrid you will find everything. But we wanted to select blogs with interesting, useful and charming content. Let’s go there!

#1. Devour Madrid

We already talked about the Madrid Devour Tour, an initiative that consists of organizing routes through Madrid to know the gastronomy of the capital, while learning history, culture, art and endless aspects of the city.

With the tours organized by the boys of Devour Madrid you will discover aspects of the essence of the city in a different way, visiting places that not always appear in the guides.

Their blog is very interesting and in it you will find a preview of what you can discover and enjoy in their exclusive tours. A very attractive opportunity for visitors who want to get to know Madrid.

#2. Naked Madrid

One of those blogs that when you think about it, «¿why couldn’t I find this before?»

This blog does justice to its name.

In this excellent blog you can find lots of information about bars, places, restaurants, activities and much, much more!

In addition, it includes in its navigation menu a drop down in which you can click on the posts and the contents related to the mythical districts of the city.

#3. The Chorizo Chronicles

Its name is, at the very least, as witty as the blogger who created it. This is Daniel, an American who has been living in Madrid for many years.

Author, blogger and an incipient youtuber, Daniel speaks in his blog about interesting places to visit, tourist attractions, the very latest news…

It is not a blog for foreigners only but also for the Spaniards too

The Chorizo Chronicles is a blog of great interest that offers us a different vision, in the eyes of an American, and above all, a person as creative and peculiar as this blogger .

#4. Madrid Cool Blog

We talk now about a very complete blog, Madrid Cool Blog, with a long list of categories in which you can find a lot of information about restaurants, bars and cafes, shops, activities, trips …

As its name implies, the intention of this blog is to show you the coolest Madrid, and if you visit their website you will be able to verify that indeed, it gets it.

Without a doubt, one of the best blogs about Madrid in English!

#5. The Vitium Urban Suites Blog

And last but not least (if you grant us this little vanity), we would like to recommend our blog in its English version.

In our little corner of the blogosphere we talk about many aspects of Madrid, with a special emphasis on tourism. Specifically, in cultural tourism.

In the blog of you will find all kinds of monuments, buildings and places, from the most visited in the capital, to the most hidden and less known, but also interesting for those who want to taste the city seasoned with a touch of authenticity.

We also post the events that take place in the city, and the most attractive activities for tourists and visitors, both foreign and locals.

We hope that our list with the best blogs of Madrid in English has been interesting for you.

And now that you know us a little better, we hope you visit us. If you drop by Madrid and want to enjoy an exclusive stay in a luxury boutique hostel, make your reservation!

We not only give you lodging; we offer you experiences.

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