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We live in a time when all concepts have been given a turn, a turn that goes beyond. Among all these redesigned notions is tourism. We do not just look for a trip or a vacation; We look for experiences and sensations that we can share with the world.

In all this vortex arise the boutique hotels, whose term itself originates in the Europe of the 80’s, and is used to define those hotels with intimate and unconventional environments, generally linked to a denotation of luxury or high standing.

They are characterized by being small hotels, with few rooms, with a own personality and own identity  and with some locations in very particular enclaves, such as castles or small houses immersed in historic hulls.

The differential is that they offer personalized service and attention, great privacy and excellent facilities, which usually follow a specific setting or thematic.

Until relatively recently, the consumer could opt for a hotel belonging to a big chain, in which he knows that the experience is more crowded, or on the contrary, look for something different, among a wide range, and take risks.

Now, just as it has changed the way of travel and the previous phase of organizing a getaway, if the user look for an experience of this characteristics, he will know that in a boutique hotel he will find what he is looking for: exclusivity, comfort, personalized attention and a stay deluxe.

The purpose of boutique hotels is to make the customer feel at home and make the experience unique. They usually have less than 100 rooms, even less than 50, something that guarantees privacy .

The atmosphere will be special and will immerse the guest in feelings full of personality, the hotel itself. And do not confuse this exclusivity with a trip to an isolated place, where the quality is assured, with all the technologies and amenities that today the traveler is looking for.

If the adjectives that you would put to your trip or stay are these, what you are looking for is a boutique hotel:
Exclusivity and privacy: You do not want your hotel to look like typical, nor spend a few days surrounded by too many people; You have organized your trip to enjoy it in a unique environment.
Avant-garde architecture and design: Each piece of the decoration prints personality to the place chosen for your stay, providing an intangible but very remarkable addition to your trip.
Personalized attention: Do not want to be a customer number or a room number, you are looking for an experience for you and your companions, and for this it is imperative that you advance your wishes as a customer, and become a guest.
Outstanding location: Whether urban or rural, the enclave must be special, unequaled and an attraction to decide to spend a few days in that place.

A «boutique experience» in the heart of Gran Vía

It is possible that the unique environment that characterizes boutique hotels does not have to be in a rural or secluded setting; It is possible to find it in the heart of Gran Via. It is possible to live a unique and different experience in Vitium Urban Suites.

On the 5th floor of number 61 of the most emblematic street in Madrid and in a protected historic building, there is a haven of peace and modernity that elevates the stays in the Spanish capital to another level.

Vitium abandons the more traditional concept of a hostel to become a symbol of the transformation that this area of historical architecture is experiencing but with a careful interior design.

The  crowd of people , the lights of Madrid’s Broadway and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is breathed in Gran Vía Madrid are impregnated in Vitium, but giving space to tranquility and, above all, the comfort of the guest, without losing detail in his needs.

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