Characteristics of a boutique hotel

Boutique hotels are considered today as one of the most groundbreaking accommodation concepts, although they have been with us since the late 80s.

The large hotel chains have turned the experience of staying in a hotel into a routine. If you go through the door of any of these establishments today and stay in one of their rooms, you probably feel a dejà vú.

And is that, if you are a user of these services with some assiduity, you have already found that most hotel rooms end up looking alike.

The boutique hotel is an attempt to break with this dynamic of homogenous, standardized accommodation, boring, and offer a truly unique stay.

We already published a post where we explain what a boutique hotel is, and this article is the perfect complement to expand the information we gave there.

A good way to make something known is to help people recognize the characteristics that define it, and that is precisely what we propose today at Vitium, the first boutique hostel in Madrid.

What are the characteristics of a boutique hotel?

Let’s see below what are the qualities that differentiate a boutique hostel from the common hotel.

#1. Great location

One of the main characteristics of boutique hotels is their special location, and generally urban.

It is usually located in the old town, in the fashionable neighborhoods or in the business centers of the cities.

#2. Importance of historical-architectural heritage

These types of hotels are usually located in old houses or in historic buildings, with aesthetic, artistic or architectural value.

#3. Number of rooms reduced

In the boutique hostels the number of rooms is not too big.

Quality is preferred than quantity in all senses.

#4. Exclusive service

The usual guests of the boutique hotels are lovers of luxury. But that does not mean that a boutique hostel is beyond the reach of the majority.

It only means that they are intended for a select public that expects personalized attention.

#5. They offer an intimate atmosphere

Precisely one of the advantages of having a small number of rooms is the tranquility and privacy that these hotels give to their clients.

Thus, another of the common features of hotels of this type are the small and collected halls.

# 6 Good taste

The aesthetic component is very important in these hotel establishments. Good taste in decoration is essential.

It is not surprising that these hotels display avant-garde elements in their rooms.

# 7 Own personality

In front of the hotel rooms, simple and without any transcendent definition, the suites of a boutique hotel have personality.

It seeks to provide an identity to the hotel, and in fact, thematic decoration is very frequent.

Discover Vitium Urban Suites, your luxury boutique hostel

Our hostel not only has all the characteristics of a boutique hotel; We have been a pioneer in providing a new concept of accommodation in Madrid.

In the middle of Gran Vía (nº 61), located in a proith excellent views towards the Gran Vía or Flor Baja street, we offer an exclusive service in an intimate atmosphere and with an exquisite decoration that puts in accent in the details. A hotel with great personality that leaves no one indifferent.

Come to Vitium Urban Suites and discover the very essence of an authentic luxury boutique hostel. We are waiting for you!

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