Un hotel en la gran vía de madrid es un hotel con historia

If you have a urban soul you have an appointment with one of the most cosmopolitan and fast-paced cities in Spain: Madrid. The capital is an impressive city full of cultural, historical, artistic and leisure attractions able to delight the tourists who visit it.

It is said that the city never sleeps and so it is. Its rhythm is frenetic, vital and unstoppable. Every year its receives millions of tourists with open arms. Only in 2015 about 11 million people were in the Spanish capital. Awesome, right?

If you are going to visit the city and you want to know where to find an urban hostel in Madrid, read this. We will open the doors of what can be your home in the capital.

The offer of accommodation in the city exceeds 80,000 beds, but few establishments are able to offer the tourist a unique experience as we do in Vitium, your original urban hostel in Madrid.

Where to find an urban hostel in Madrid?

Madrid is a very big city, although much of its tourist attractions are located in the center district, something very good for the visitor. It is important to know where to find an urban hostel in Madrid and one of the best areas to do so is the historic center.

From there you will be able to go to the most important neighborhoods walking, and you will have at your disposal areas of the city of obligatory visit, like Retiro, the Prado, the Reina Sofia, Plaza Mayor, Santa Ana square, Cibeles, Puerta de Alcalá or Gran Vía. What do you think about to book in an original urban hostel in Gran Vía, the true heart of the capital?

4 reasons to book in an original urban hostel in Gran Vía

Gran Via is a real icon for people from Madrid. It is one of the main streets in the center of the city and the architecture of its buildings is simply spectacular.

You cannot say that you have been in Madrid if you have not been in Gran Vía. If you still hesitate to book in an original urban hostel in Gran Vía, here are four reasons for you to decide.

# 1 The largest shopping area

If you like shopping, Gran Vía is your place. The first fashion, accessories, lingerie, jewelry and beauty brands are there, located in beautiful premises distributed on several floors. It is the dream of any mall lover. And what about those dream shop windows…

# 2 The epicenter of the show

The Gran Vía is a real privilege for musical show fans. It concentrates a significant number of theaters that host such legendary shows as The Lion King, Dirty Dancing or Mamma Mia!

# 3 The street that never sleeps

The Gran Via is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Both day and night you can find cafes, bars and restaurants in which to fill your stomach with the rich cuisine of Madrid.

To end the day, do not miss the Gran Via at night. It is so spectacular!

# 4 It connects with everything

If you stay in Gran Vía you can reach any part of Madrid, because the street is connected by Underground as well as by bus or taxi, with almost any point in the city.

The success of your trip to Madrid begins by choosing an exclusive and quality accommodation. Choose Vitium, your original urban hostel in Madrid. Visit us!


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