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Exotic Gastronomic Experiences in Madrid

In this time of culinary boom we live and where the avant-garde cuisine is so fashionable, sometimes you want to live a gastronomic experience that really evades you, that is, that transports you to other places. Traveling with the palate is possible and, moreover, highly recommended.

Traveling to Madrid does not only require making typical Madrid plans, tasting stew and callos; Also fancy to look for new places in a city that offers as many possibilities as you can imagine. That’s why we propose five trips: Lebanon, Japan, India, Africa and Mexico.

La Libanesa (Calle Jacometrezo, 15): «The exoticism of the Middle East in the area of Opera in Madrid». A few meters from Vitium Urban Suites and decorated as a real corner of Beirut, the Lebanese experience moves you to the heart of the country. They emphasize of him the essence of distant flavors, his careful presence and, of course, affordable prices.

Naomi (Calle Ávila, 14): «The most authentic Japanese in Madrid«. You will not find the typical modernist Japanese decoration, nor the canons of Asian luxury. On the contrary, you will enter an authentic Japanese tavern, as if it were a place in the middle of Tokyo.

Family and warmth aspect that endorse 39 years offering Japanese food. Indispensable to reserve to try this experience in the heart of Tetuan.

Tandoori Station (José Ortega y Gasset Street, 89): Called by many as «the best Indian in Madrid». In the middle of the Salamanca district, and by chef Nadeem Siraj Begum, it does not offer a refined decoration or full of topics, you will only find much space and a good representation of the peculiar Indian cuisine, based on the natural and very aromatic spices.

The price is around 35 euros per person and the carte look over through India, another trip for the senses.

El Mandela (Calle Independencia, 1): «Africa on the plate«. Without leaving the area of Opera, a striking and unconventional space, in which each plate has an explanation of its origin. Carpaccio of buffalo or crocodile, exotic meats, croquettes of zebra and papaya are just some of their proposals, at reasonable price.

Its products come directly from Senegal, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, delicious to try among the handicrafts of Kenya and Mozambique. A real African experience.

Entre suspiro y suspiro (Calle Caños del Peral, 3): «The undisputed king of ceviche». A suggestive name for a suggestive place, since 1993 has been offering Mexican haute cuisine to its customers. Its star dish, the wide variety of ceviche, but also the meat, such as «Manchamanteles», «Cochinita pibil» or «Lomo bajo Santa Clara». In addition, 1,300 varieties of tequilas from all over Europe that make this the most authentic of Mexico in Madrid.

With these experiences of tasting, traveling to Madrid will be only the first stop on a long journey through other cultures.

To visit Madrid is not only to soak up its cozy atmosphere, it is to enter into everything that surrounds it and makes it so different, cosmopolitan and global. The variety of restaurants in the area near Vitium is only a sample of what the city offers, full of places to discover, mestizaje and sensations of all kinds.


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