Cinemas in Madrid. Tradition and Modernity

Going to the cinema is still one of leisure and cultural activities preferred by public of all ages and social classes. Who has not enjoyed a Saturday evening with the magic of a film, with a soft drink and popcorn?

In this regard, Madrid is one of the best cities to go to the movies, due to its large number of halls and film tradition. In Madrid is the headquarters of the Spanish film library (Filmoteca), the old Doré cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in the capital. This building has a remarkable façade, renovated on several occasions, and is still preserved. The Filmoteca headquarters are there since 1989, and there are public performances.

And in addition to the traditional cinemas, Madrid also has the most modern and innovative ones. Did you know that in the community of Madrid is Kinepolis, the largest cinema in the world, so recognized since 2002 by the Guinness Book of World Records?

cine madrid-premios goya

The grand gala of the Spanish cinema is here. Goya Awards

If we talk about cinema, we cannot forget to mention Goya awards, the most important awards given by the Spanish film industry. This year the show celebrates its 30th edition and will take place on Saturday February 6th. In this gala, Goya of Honor will be delivered to Mariano Ozores, a classic of our films.

And when we are talking about cinema in Madrid, we are talking about Gran Vía. In this historic street the leading premieres take place, both national and international films, and all our stars go there.

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