The Retiro Park a obliged tourist visit in Madrid


If you are planning a getaway for Madrid and you do not know where to go, we invite you to discover one of the great jewels in the capital.

We talked about the Park of Buen Retiro , an oasis of peace in the heart of the city, in which you can forget completely daily stress. Are you ready to discover the delights that keeps for you?

The Retiro Park invite you to disconnect and enjoy the tranquility surrounded by art and nature. It is perfect for sports, walking or enjoying leisure time alone or accompanied.

It is surrounded by a variety of plants and ancient trees like, «Alcahuete 2, dated 1630. Not in vain is considered the green lung of the city, with about 120 hectares, in which more than 15,000 trees live.

What you can not miss the Retiro Park

The Retiro Park is full of life and history. It was built in the seventeenth century, for Felipe IV and since 1868 belongs to the City of Madrid. In the Retiro Park you can admire the work of anonymous artists as musicians and painters. And if you go on a weekend you can enjoy the traditional puppetry, ideal for children. The park will surprise you at every step, with authentic natural and artistic treasures.

# 1 Retiro lake

It´s the protagonist in many prints that spread the park, and well deserves its beauty. It was built to for representations of naval battles in which it came to participate the king Can you imagine? Today has a pier that offers the possibility to navigate in their intimate and romantic boats.

# 2 Alfonso XII Monument

On the banks of the lake you can find the impressive monument to Alfonso XII, designed by the architect José Grases Riera and inaugurated in 1922. The sculpture is a tribute to the Bourbon restoration. Observe the sunset from there is an absolute blast!

#3 Fountain of the Fallen Angel

This representation of Lucifer, one of the few in the world, leaves no one indifferent. The evocative sculpture is the work of Ricardo Bellver. A curious fact tell that is 666 meters above the level of the sea. Coincidence ?

# 4 Crystal Palace

It is one of the most beautiful corners of Retiro. The building, which take precedence glass and metal, was built in the late nineteenth century on the banks of a small lake. It´s currently dedicated to host exhibitions of contemporary art.

# 5 Rosaleda

This garden area, designed in the fashion of French gardens by Cecilio Rodriguez, is a real treat for the senses. It is a spectacle in spring when more than 4,000 rosebushes flourish making up the flower beds.

Your Hotel near El Retiro Park Madrid

Now that you know some of its charms ,sure you cannot resist to visit it . They say that you cannot say you’ve been in Madrid if you have not walked through the gardens of the Retiro Park.

If you visit us , in Vitium Urban Suites we will be delighted to have you at our hotel near the Retiro Park, from where you get a pleasant walk of 25 minutes,  you can use this walk  to see the most beautiful of the city center.

Definitely The Retiro Park a obliged tourist visit in Madrid.


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