What to do in easter in Madrid

Many people take advantage of the Easter holidays to do some sightseeing. Are you going to the Capital at Easter? Do you want to plan your trip and  you are looking for activities to do? Discover what to do in Easter in Madrid this 2017.

Regardless of the religious sentiment of everyone, Easter is a festivity more given to reflection, thinking and relax. But that is no problem with taking advantage of those days to travel, sightseeing and have good times with family or friends.

The good weather is near and we have not stopped practically since the Christmas holidays, so you probably want to take a break and do something different in Madrid. Break with the monotony.

At Vitium we propose some activities to do at Easter in Madrid during this year 2017. Come with us and discover them!

Activities to do in Easter in Madrid this 2017

The Easter holidays are different in the calendar, depending on the area where you live. But in general we can say that they go from the 9th to 17th of April. It also depends on the days you rest in your work.
If the dates coincide and you want to do something in Easter in Madrid this year 2017, here you have an attractive proposal of activities.

#1. Do not miss the procession of the Christ of Medinaceli

The cultural and artistic value of the processions of Easter captivates the most religious and those who are not so. That is why surely you do not want to pass up the opportunity to contemplate the traditional processions of Eastern in 2017 in Madrid.
And among the processions of Eastern in Madrid, stands out the one of the Christ of Medinaceli, Holy Friday.
The procession of the Christ of Medinaceli crosses the most central streets of the city among thousands and thousands of devotees from Madrid, starting from the parish of Jesus de Medinaceli.
Three and a half tons and four meters high are the measures the throne that Jesus carries, carved in wood. A procession worth seeing.

#2. Sign up with your children to the best  shows for children at Easter

If you are looking for is to do something  familiar during the Eastern in Madrid, you have an excellent opportunity to offer fun to the kids of the house.
Would you like to introduce your children to the opera with a show for kids of The Magic Flute at the Fine Arts Theater? See them vibrate with Baby Rock in Artespacio Plot Point? Or give them some magic, music and spectacle with the Cuentines at the Victoria Theater?
You can look for more information on these and other show for kids in Easter by clicking here.

#3. Enjoy the genius of Escher’s paintings

Impossible stairs that twist and defy gravity, two hands that are drawn simultaneously without anyone can know what is real and what a representation, figures that overlap and repeat themselves in hypnotic patterns … These are recurring works and motifs in the drawings of Maurits Cornelis Escher. A Dutch artist considered as a genius of surrealism.
His works inspired scenes from films such as Inside the Labyrinth (1986), Nightmare on Elm Street 5 (1989), or Origin (2010).
Escher helps you radically change your perspective of reality and discover the fascinating side of everyday things or recovering that magic with which you looked at the world when you were a child.
After its great international success, the exhibition is available to the public in the Palacio de Gaviria.

#4. Visit a different exhibition

If you already know the great jewels of the best museums in Madrid, or you have already visited the Escher exhibition and want to see something different, in the ABC Museum there is an exhibition that you will love.
An exhibition enjoyed by the older ones, who will awaken good memories, as well as the younger ones.

Although you can enjoy alone, as a couple or with friends, if you have children is an opportunity to connect with them through something so appealing to all ages as is the comic.
And we talked about the Superheroes with Ñ collection, in the ABC museum. In this exhibition you can meet the Spanish cartoonists who have triumphed or have triumphed in the USA and around the world giving life to the best known superheroes of such important publishers as Marvel or DC Comics.

From the pioneers who began their work of illustration to the other side of the ocean, and that will arouse the nostalgia of the oldest, to the most recent draftsmen, with whom the younger ones can be identified..

#5. Say goodbye to Easter with La Tamborrada

To finalize your touristic route for Madrid at Easter, what better than to do it to the rhythm of the drums?
On Resurrection Sunday you can attend La Tamborrada, which takes place in the Plaza Mayor.
Drums, timbales, drums … A percussion performance performed by the brothers towards noon.

Have you already chosen what activities you will include in your visit to Madrid at Easter 2017? Surely yes!
And if you need accommodation, we invite you to our luxury boutique hostel in Gran Vía. Our facilities and the service we offer at Vitium Urban Suites can be the icing on the cake to a perfect trip to enjoy the holidays of the Holy Week in Madrid .
We will wait for you!


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