Vitium Urban Suites wishes you Merry Christmas holidays


Colored lights come back, Christmas carols, the faces of joy of the kids … And Madrid is beautiful. Christmas has arrived!, and in Vitium we want to celebrate it with you.

Christmas does not represent a usual holiday period . They do not just dismiss one season to welcome the next one. Christmas is much more; It is that time when everything acquires a unique light and shine.

They are magical dates in which our hearts are filled with hope
, we meet again with our loved ones, and we connect with that illusion that we so often felt when we were children, and that routine and everyday life has led us to bury each time deeper, to rescue it on very special occasions only.

Christmas arrive to Vitium Urban Suites

Living Christmas from a hotel company makes them even more special, and we say it from experience. We have seen many reunions, we have welcomed people who travel without more purpose than to meet with their family to enjoy Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or the last night of the year. Something that we live with special intensity thanks to the nature of the service we provide, where the client is not just another number.

Because the charm of a luxury boutique-hostel is the attentive and close treatment we give our guests. Perhaps for that reason, the Economist recommends its readers to stay at our hotel during Christmas.

And, for this Christmas, in Vitium Urban Suites we have some little surprises for guests who choose us on these special dates.

A very special Christmas lodging service in Madrid

To see the face of our guests when they see the Gran Via with its fascinating Christmas lights from the windows of our Suites, it is priceless! It is one of the great attractions of our boutique-hostel at Christmas. But at Vitium we wanted to have a special detail with our customers.

For those who still do not know our hotel, our rooms are themed, and its decoration is inspired by the seven deadly sins. And we believe that in these dates, the sin that stands out most among all is gluttony. Because, what would be of these holidays without the culinary delights of New Year’s Eve, the seafood and, above all, the Christmas sweets …?

For that reason, in Vitium Urban Suites we have a very special surprise for our guests, with Xmas Vitium Breakfast, our Christmas breakfast, with delicious chocolate pancakes to start the morning sinning in a big way. Many of our guests have already enjoyed this complete and delicious Christmas breakfast.

And if you visit us during this Christmas, do not forget to help us decorate our Christmas tree with one of our cards, where you can share with us your thoughts, your opinion about the hostel or anything you want.

We wait for you with these and other surprises in our luxury boutique-hostel. And if we do not see each other these days, the Vitium Urban Suites staff wishes you Merry Christmas!

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