Where to eat in Madrid?

Where to eat in Madrid well and to good price? A list of restaurants, taverns and places where you will be able to taste the gastronomy of Madrid.

Do you travel to Madrid and want to enjoy its gastronomy? Are you planning a tourist route and want to know where to eat in Madrid? Today we make a tour of the best taverns and restaurants to eat in the Capital. You sign up…?
They say that you don´t know really a place until you haven’t tasted his gastronomic products, and in Vitium we agree. What better way of doing tourism that including the gastronomy as an important point in your itinerary of visits?

We would like to share with you a small list of restaurants and other establishments where to eat in Madrid and to remove, not only a good recollection of the Capital, but also a good flavor of mouth!

We will speak about restaurants where to taste local dishes of Madrid, though also we will include some other offers to give him a touch of color.

The best restaurants where to eat in Madrid well

We will give a special attention to the places where to eat in Madrid near the center, which is where you will spend most of the time if you are doing tourism for Madrid. Let’s go there!

Casa Labra

If you want to enjoy the gastronomy of Madrid, in Casa Labra you can do it, in a centennial establishment with all the personality of a classic tavern, and a careful decoration that has hardly changed since the 19th century.

House Works combines in his letter classic specialities of Madrid with the cod as principal ingredient, with more contemporary recipes

They have an elegant selection of wines on which to accompany his plates.

Calle Tetuán, 12.


Los Callos, another typical Madrid dish, is one of the specialties of the Alhambra Restaurant along with the Salmorejo.

Although it is not only the Villa de Madrid that honors this establishment, opened since 1929.

Also to Granada, the city of the Alhambra, whose streets are inspired by its decoration.

Calle de la Victoria, 7 y 9.

La Capilla de la Bolsa

Can you imagine eating or having dinner in a restaurant of creative Mediterranean gastronomy in a lounge with a grand piano and live music? You can do it in the La Capilla de la Bolsa.
The Capilla de la Bolsa is the ideal restaurant to include in the itinerary of a tourist visit to Madrid for several reasons. The most important? Because it is a Baroque vaulted room with paintings adorning the walls and a luxurious decoration.

Calle de la Bolsa, 12.


A different offer in which the vegetables are the protagonists. But do not be wrong; in the restaurant MyVeg you can ask so much fished as meat also. Nevertheless, if what you want is a healthy food based on vegetables, it is the ideal place. Highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans.

David Yárnoz, the owner, is another well-known creative cuisine restaurant in Navarra, El Molino.

And the best thing is that, besides its quality, stands out for its prices. MyVeg is the perfect restaurant where to eat in Madrid at to good price. Both for its economical menu and for the offers they offer to their customers.

En Calle Valverde, 24.

Da Nicola

And for a list of restaurants recommended by a boutique hotel on Gran Vía in Madrid, we could not fail to recommend some of the excellent restaurants in our zone.

If you want a restaurant where you can eat in Madrid near Gran Vía, Da Nicola is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy pastas, pizzas and other dishes with all the essence of Italy.

Its cuisine with creative touches distinguishes itself by making fresh pasta in a completely handmade way.

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We hope that our list of restaurants where to eat in Madrid you liked. And if you visit any of them, leave us a comment!

Plaza Mostenses, 11

Bon appétit!

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