What to do in Madrid in summer

Although we are already into the summer, most of us have not yet been able to enjoy our holidays, for now! In a few days begins August and with it the flight of Madrid to any place with coast.

But what about the people of Madrid who stay in Madrid? And with tourists from other parts of the country or from abroad who will take advantage of the holidays to visit the city? If you are going to be here, discover what to do in Madrid in summer. A lot of plans await you behind every corner of the capital!

Summer in Madrid is characterized by the implacable heat typical of these latitudes during the hottest months of the year. And apparently, the people of Madrid will not be able to refresh themselves this year at the beach in Plaza de Colón.

But don´t worry about it. There are other plans to do in Madrid in the summer, and we are convinced that in the list that we offer below is yours. Let’s go!

What to do in Madrid in summer ? The most attractive plans:

According to the Cetelem Observatory data, 47% of Madrid residents will leave Madrid during the summer. Today we wanted to dedicate our post to the other 53% of courageous guardians of the city who will resist the heat without leaving the city and tourists who decide to visit the capital in summer, without fear of heat.

#1. Exit route through the best restaurants in Madrid

And we do not propose it too quickly. It turns out that according to the concrete study, 60% of the people of Madrid have a plan for the summer to go out to eat and have dinner at the restaurants in the city.

If you are also among them, we recommend the following posts in which we talk about the best restaurants in the city, and that may interest you now in the summer.

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Are you still looking for more ideas on what to do in Madrid in the summer …? Let’s keep going!

#2. Enjoy a good movie in the open air cinemas

The second activity that the locals plan to do this summer is to go to the cinema. In Madrid we have some really mythical screening rooms, such as the cinemas of Gran Vía street.

And in the case of the summer season, nothing better to see a good film, than to do it fresh in the outdoor cinemas of Madrid.

This year 2018 is the 19th edition of the Summer Film Series of the Community of Madrid. Only in the city you have the following outdoor cinemas in

The eagle center : in Ramírez de Prado street.
Terrace of Paco Rabal Cultural Center: in Felipe de Diego street.
Lope de Vega House Museum: in Cervantes street.

They await mythical films like The Shining or The Night of the Living Dead, and some of the most successful tapes are having among children, as a monster comes to see me, Ballerina or Pets. Outdoor fun with popcorn!

#3. Go shopping

Not everyone recognizes that he likes to go shopping, but when it comes to the truth, we allow ourselves to be easily persuaded to stroll along the grand boulevards full of shops and the famous shopping centers. According to the data, shopping is the third activity that people plan to do in the summer.

If you are going Shopping in Madrid this summer and still do not know the best places to go shopping, do not miss this post:

Shopping in Madrid

#4. Refresh yourself in the «beaches» of Madrid

It is true that this year we don´t have beach in Colón, and you will not find the coast if you travel to the city center.

But in the Madrid you have different places (swamps, natural pools, etc.) that Madrid people usually use as beaches to avoid having to go to the coast. The only drawback is that you will have to move a bit, but we assure you that it is worth it!

San Juan swamp: no less than 14 kilometers of beach located between San Martin de Valdeiglesias, El Tiemblo, Cerbreros and Pelayos de la Presa.

Dehesas pools: in Fuenfría Valley, in Cercedilla.

Rascafría dam: in the Paular Valley.

Natural pools of Riosequillo: in Buitrago de Lozoya.

You know, start feeding the Google Maps, because in the Community of Madrid you have «beaches» for a while.

#5. Give yourself the luxury of staying at a boutique hotel on Gran Vía

Yes, that is our house. The perfect place to rest from the fun and busy plans to do in Madrid during the summer, shelter from the heat and enjoy all the comfort of an exclusive urban boutique hotel

Located on the Gran Vía, at number 61, here you can also find some of the best restaurants, cinemas and shops in Madrid. So, with a bit of luck, you find what to do in Madrid in the summer without leaving your hotel if you do not feel like taking the car or moving.

Reserve your suite now, do not wait until we are complete!

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