Legendary Taverns in Madrid

Although the sea is far away, in Madrid we are more Mediterranean than anybody! That is why we like so much enjoying a beer or a good wine along with some «tapas» at the classic taverns.

Today, we wish to pay tribute to the legendary taverns in Madrid , and offer a brief selection for you to know where to go when you go out for a drink. Come with us!

If you are just passing through Madrid, you’ve come to spend a few days or you simply want to know where to take a drink or enjoy some of the best gastronomic products in Madrid, what you are looking for is a typical traditional Madrid tavern.

Let’s see what are the best alternatives for you to enjoy a good tavern in Madrid.

Which are the legendary taverns in Madrid?

Before getting into listing the best taverns in the city, we wish to explain the criteria we used to select them.

One of the requirements we have taken into account is their antiquity. If we have to truly talk about legendary taverns in Madrid, the oldest ones are in advantage, since they have had more time for creating a legend.

Another important aspect taken into account to select the taverns on the following list has been their popularity. Indeed, the best taverns are also the better known among the people of Madrid, for obvious reasons.

And, at last, some of the properties that we mention may not be among the oldest. But we have included them in the list, without doubt, because of the excellent quality of their elaborations and service.

Now, let’s get into the legendary taverns in Madrid.

#1.La Cruzada Tavern, a classic!

If there is a tavern that deserves the adjective «legendary», this is «La Cruzada«. Because it has been open since 1827, this is why it is considered the oldest one in Madrid.

Due to It’s close to the Royal Palace and It was frequented by King Alfonso XIII. In fact, the property even keeps the cup used by the monarch, which you may see exposed in a glass cabinet.

Their «cocidos»(typical Spanish stew) are fabulous and, in fact, It has amassed some of the prizes for the «Spanish stew route»

It is at Amnistía street, 8.

#2. Alberto´s house; sharing a space with Cervantes

Behind it’s classical and unmistakable front, Casa Alberto has been feeding and serving locals, tourists and visitors since the same year as the crusade tavern since 1827. Intellectuals, artists and high society members have gone through its door.

But if there is something Alberto´s house can boast about is of its relationship with literature… Or, particularly, with the greatest Spanish writer of all times. The writer Miguel of Cervantes lived for some time in the building where this is located. In fact, It is very likely that a part of a famous book was written there.

If you wish to try the authentic Madrid style tripes, you must visit this restaurant.

At Huertas street, 18.

#3. Paco´s house, one of the most legendary taverns in Madrid

If you are passing through the city, when you return, say you were at Casa Paco, in Madrid. Surely next time they let you choose the restaurant!

Founded in 1933, in that place it was already fed in another old previous tavern that goes back to 1870. Charlton Helston and Orson Welles are only two names of the celebrities that have passed through Casa Paco.

Along with them, a host of characters from politics, entertainment and entertainment in a tavern with a lot of history behind them.

Their delicious meats, their garlic soup, their pork rinds, and of course, their stew, wait for you to provide joy to your palate in this legendary tavern of Castilian and Madrid food in equal parts.

You can find it in close door square 11.

#4. El Bocaíto tavern, the best of Castilian and Andalusian cuisine

We finally go to a more modern place, opened since 1966, but whose cuisine makes it worthy of being considered one of the legendary taverns of Madrid. We are talking about El Bocaíto.

The place consists of different spaces, where you can, from enjoying their tapas (bocaítos) at the bar, to tasting a good dish in a room dedicated to the art of Goya. Tigers, croquettes or shrimp tostas are shipped daily at Bocaíto to delight diners.

In El Bocaíto they are clear that the quality of raw materials is their hallmark; Here the anchovies are from the Cantabrian Sea and the meat comes from the Jiménez Barbero´s Land (a famous place). So you know which tavern to go to bring mouths of glory to your mouth.

You can find it On Liberty Street 6.

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