Charming terraces in madrid

Summer in Madrid can be stifling. That is why the citizens of Madrid who stay in the city for a part of the summer and tourists who come to the capital are looking for plans to withstand the heat.

The pools fill, and of course, also the terraces! Discover the most charming terraces of Madrid to go in summer to enjoy the sun, the breeze and all the light of the city.

To take a summer red wine, a tapa or a vermouth in a relaxed summer environment and outdoors. It is for what the persons from Madrid look during the summer time.

Also the visitors of the bordering peoples or of other points of Spain when they prepare to visit Madrid, to do a bit of tourism for the city. And it is that in Madrid in summer the mercury reaches levels difficult to support until one looks for refuge.

And what better place to seek shelter from the heat than in the shade of an outdoor terrace while having a refreshing drink.
And what better place to look for cover of the heat that in the shade of a terrace outdoors, while you take a refreshing drink.

Today we will see some terraces with charm of Madrid to yourself this summer.

Charming summer terraces

Some of them are very popular between the persons from Madrid; others are practically unknown, and only some privileged few ones have discovered them. They are, terraces with captivation.

# 1. Terrace of the Secret Garden of Salvador Bachiller

In the Salvador Bachiller store, at 37 Montera Street, a secret garden is hidden on the fourth floor.

Although many locals don´t know this terrace, where you can take a plate of pasta, a cake or tea between plants and flowers, and in a space with a cozy decoration.
Without a doubt, one of the best Terraces of Madrid center.

# 2. Florida´s Retiro Terrace

In The Retiro Park, hidden among the 15.000 trees that allow to breathe to the capital, the Terrace of Florida Retiro is an gastronomic space without equal.
A privileged place from which to contemplate the Dome of Florida, to enjoy a beautiful sunset or to contemplate the Madrid sky when night falls.
And it’s not a charming terrace just for its location, but also for the menu, by Joaquin Felipe, one of the great chefs of the country.

# 3. Terrace of the House On

For someone who looks for a summer terrace with captivation in Madrid, a space to the purest chiringuito style beach is ideal.

The House On is a cultural center of Madrid very active in which there is organized all kinds of interesting events. Located in Round of Valencia 2, which many do not know is that he has a summer terrace of the most refreshing thing, provided that it is located in the heights.

In her you can enjoy appetizers, refreshing drinks, cocktails and if you go on a Saturday or a Sunday, even you can enjoy a good live concert, or a session of alternative cinema.

#4. The terraces of the parachutist

It is a concept store of four plants located in street of the Palm 10, in Malasaña. On the first floor you will find a café, cinema and gallery. In the second, a designer store with some beautiful interior design items that you can buy from the store’s app, and they take you home.

And where are the terraces …? On the third floor, the Cubanismo Bar, where the first terrace is located, a space with a decoration reminiscent of colonial style.

But the main dish is located on the fourth floor, where you can enjoy gourmet pizza, a grilled bluefin tuna or pulled pork burger, on the beautiful garden terrace of the Restaurant Park, overlooking the Malasaña neighborhood.

#5. FOX Garden

The FOX Cook & Sound Terrace is another type of space, classy, relaxing and with a touch of distinction.

You can have a cocktail in a garden with lawns, decorative plants and a summery atmosphere in the heart of Madrid.

FOX Cook & Sound has many other spaces to enjoy different gastronomic environments, with glamour as the only common denominator.

Now you know the most charming terraces of Madrid. Enjoy a visit to the city during the summer and you need to stay, in the boutique hostel Vitium Urban Suites offers luxury accommodation in Madrid for our guests.

Personalized treatment, comfort and a dream decoration in a historic building.

We are in Gran Vía 61, on the fifth floor. We´ll wait for you!

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