6 Mythical Places of Music in Madrid


If the Spanish capital is your next tourist destination and you are an unconditional lover of good music, there are 6 mythical places in Madrid that you can´t miss. Because yes, it’s true, Madrid never sleeps!

During the day the frenzy in the city is really intense, and when the sun goes down … the activity doesn´t stop. Nightlife is one of the great demands of the capital. Not in vain, Madrid is the cradle of the famous Movida, counterculture movement, which revolutionized thousands of young people in Spain expressing their desire for freedom during the Transition.

The city is full of nightclubs, pubs, bars and places able to provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. And so you do not miss anything we have prepared this list. Stop asking yourself what are and where are the mythical premises of Madrid. Here are the answers!

Which are the mystical places of Madrid?

#1 El Sol

El Sol has been encouraging the night to Madrileños and visitors for almost 40 years. This concert hall and disco was born in 1979, and behind it accumulates more than 7,000 concerts.

Great artists of the national and international scene have paraded for their emblematic spiral staircase to make an incredible night out to the attendants between neon lights.

Location: Calle Jardines, 3

#2 The Penta

If we talk about Which are the mystical places of Madrid is obliged to include El Pentagrama, better known as «El Penta». Do you remember Nacha Pop and its legendary «La chica de ayer» ?, as this place appears among its verses.

It is not for less because La Penta has been softening Madrid night for 4 decades. Become a reference of the Movida this bar of drinks must be marked on your route if you visit the neighborhood of Malasaña.

Location: Calle de la Palma, 4.

# 3 Moby Dick

Good indie-rock live music is surrounded by a mystical atmosphere in which sirens, boats and oars become protagonists, not forgetting their mythical whale.

If you are looking to have a good time having a drink in a pop-rock music environment the Moby Dick Club is your place. Its quarter century of history has become a reference, ideal to start or end the night.

Location: Avenida de Brasil, 5.

# 4 La Vía Láctea

Another one of those mythical premises of Madrid full of memories and memorable moments. It opened in 1979 to become a pure emblem of the Movida. Its essence and memory of the 80 and 90 remain in the decoration of the place through poster and posters of the time.

The atmosphere is totally recommendable to spend a pleasant time in the company of friends and … why not? take a game to your legendary billiards.

Location: Calle Velarde, 18.

# 5 Suéltate el Pelo

If you know who are Mazinguer Z, Espinete or Fraggle Rock, Suéltate el Pelo is your bar in Madrid. Those who lived their childhood and adolescence during the eighties and nineties will feel at home.

This mythical place in Madrid is an authentic journey to the past that you can share with whoever you want while having a drink or dance to the rhythm of good music in Spanish.

Location: Maria de Guzmán, 5.

# 6 Tupperware Club

Indie-like eclecticism takes shape in the Tupperware Club, known as «Tupper» by friends. This local Madrid doesn´t leave anyone indifferent. He was the son of the «post Movida» and is a symbol of the rock bars of the capital. Impregnate of all its essence with a few drinks in its ground floor or superior.

Location: Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26.

Now that you know where the mythical music places in Madrid, you haven´t excuse. Also do not forget to take a look at the 7 best discos in Madrid. Take advantage of your trip to the maximum and do not miss the nightlife of Madrid, we assure you that when you finish you will be wanting to live it again.

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