Enjoy Valentine’s Day in Madrid

And suddenly … that time of year has come when you are looking for ideas and plans to do as a couple in Madrid and you can’t think of anything. It is often said that Paris is love city, but that is for those who have not seen Madrid. We are going to propose activities for you to prove that Madrid can also be one of the most romantic cities in the world with different and original plans that will make you live a unique and special moment with that person you love.

If you live in the capital or if you come from abroad, it doesn’t matter! You want to have different options to choose from, and that is why we propose the best couple plans in Madrid.

Are you fed up of the typical candy boxes and teddy bears? Do you want to surprise your partner with a different plan? Do you like chocolate, distillates and walks? Do you fancy a unique and exclusive experience? Well keep reading that this goes with you.

Three romantic plans to enjoy Madrid

They say love is all crazy. And to keep the spark of love alive it never hurts to surprise our couple with a romantic plan in Madrid. For this we put our 3 winners to the best romantic plan.

Reinvent Valentine! Aphrodisiac Cocktail Workshop

If you are looking for a different plan as a couple, but without having to leave the city, we propose a more nocturnal and fun idea. Sometimes it is enough to add an ingredient to our dishes or drinks that move us to another place through taste, and if this ingredient is aphrodisiac, then we have the perfect mix to celebrate a different Valentine’s Day, without leaving Madrid. You will discover how to elaborate the most sensual combinations and put them into practice with your partner. You will learn the techniques, prepare the cocktails and taste them. You will know the ingredients that compose it, its characteristics and aphrodisiac properties. In addition, you can customize your cocktails and experiment with the tastes as a couple. Imagine a perfect cocktail, with your name, dedicated exclusively to you … Simply … sensational!

Spa and couples massage. Chocolaterapia: for a very sweet couple!

If what you want is to immerse yourself in a totally pleasant and sensory experience, what we recommend is a spa and a massage. It is an ideal plan to go as a couple and live a different, fun and original experience. It is a relaxing moment that, if you also mix it with chocolate … Sweet, aphrodisiac, addictive … In addition to how tasty and tempting chocolate can be, it also has excellent properties for our skin. Why give away a box of chocolates when you can turn your partner into one? A double cabin will be waiting for you to start enjoying this treatment. They will receive you with a chocolate wrap, which will leave the skin free of impurities and deeply nourish it, as well as helping you recover firmness and fight cellulite. Enjoy a couple body massage with hot chocolate and essential oils. You will reduce stress and increase physical and psychological well-being.

A digital photography course with any camera

What if we left the selfies and shot 60 photos together to have a slightly decent one? Propose your partner to do a photography course together, and not in a studio, but touring Madrid. Sunsets, viewpoints, famous statues, Spanish architectures, everything goes in the background if we know how to make a good catch to get more out of it, with professional results, to that camera. Plasma your feelings as a couple and your way with the tricks you’ll learn! EYE, remember to charge the camera.

Horseback riding in the Sierra de Madrid

Wrapped in an exuberant nature and of great landscape value, the Sierra de Madrid will be the stage that will accompany you in your experience on the back of a beautiful docile horse that will be loved and that will facilitate your guidance between tracks and trails. The prince on horseback? Maybe not. But it is worth getting out of the routine and taking a different tour taking advantage of the good weather. The virgin and preserved nature in the Natural Park that allows you to enjoy an unforgettable experience as a couple with an experienced guide who will give you the privacy of a romantic walk.

Ideal Valentine’s Dinner

If there is something that characterizes Madrid is its wonderful cuisine. Eating is one of the great pleasures of life. It is always said that one of the best ways to conquer the heart is through the palate, share this moment with your partner. And I do not mean to see pizza in front of the TV very cuddled. What better plan than to surprise your partner by booking a table in an original restaurant in Madrid? Whether it is your first date or the millionth, a Valentine’s dinner with candles and looking into your eyes never fails. And if your nerves jump or you think you’re going to ruin it when you open your mouth … don’t worry, there are many restaurants with live music and unique themes to have more than one topic of conversation. Some of the most popular restaurants in the city that we want to recommend and where you can enjoy a romantic dinner are: Terrasa del Cacino, Sacha Fongon y Botillería, Fiaschetteria La Saletta, Piccola Napoli, La Tasquita de Enfrente, Coque, Kabuki Wellintong, La Kasa , Fismuler, The Good Life and more …

Are you thinking of inviting your partner to a special place? You have to get out of the routine. Keep a memory for a lifetime. Staying at home is not an option with a list of activities that can be done.

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