VALENTINE’S DAY IS COMING, celebrate it in a hotel!

As you all know, on 14 February, the feast of St. Valentine is celebrated. Although there are various legends of how this tradition started, one of the most widespread is the one that Valentine was a priest who secretly married couples, defying the orders of Roman Emperor Claudius II. He had forbidden the celebration of marriages between young people because he believed that singles were better soldiers, having fewer strings attached. Since then the name of Valentine has been identified Valentine with the love.

Anyway the origin of this tradition, the truth is that is currently spread throughout the Western world and not only make gifts to the couple, but also to people with which they have ties of friendship, affection…

What to gift for Valentine’s Day? How do you hit?

The offer is varied. From a card containing some funny or romantic message, to more traditional gifts, as they can be flowers, perfumes, jewelry … also for this date, many firms and shopping centers take sale gifts especially designed for this day, and restaurants throughout the city have offers or menus designed to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.

And of course we can not forget the best gift: an experience. How about the idea of spending the night of Valentine in our luxury boutique hostel? Vitium Urban Suites offers you its «Romantic Getaway«, which includes two nights in a double room, and a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates. You can check the conditions on our website ( ) or on the phone 91 116 41 44. Book with us and surprise your couple!

Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate a different Valentine´s day. Vitium Urban Suites waits for you.

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