Top 5 beautiful places to visit in autumn in Madrid

Autumn is that time of year when we begin to cover our skin before the elements, we breathe in the fresh air produced by the escape of summer and we sigh full of longing. In other words, it´s the ideal time to enjoy a good outdoor landscape.

We recommend five beautiful places to visit in autumn in Madrid. Do you want to know them?

Summer is over. And with it goes the frantic activity, the almost forced outings and the warm nights until late. And in a way it is even appreciated!

The arrival of autumn is an opportunity to regain strength. And the truth is that the body asks for it. It is a season for recollection, reflection and melancholy. The head escapes from the present in search of beautiful memories and our eyes look for horizons in which to get lost.

And what better to enjoy that sweet melancholy than a good autumnal landscape? Today we come with a few of those beautiful autumnal landscapes for you to enjoy. If you come by Madrid and want to do some autumn tourism and take some beautiful views, our proposal of places to visit will fall in love with you.

 Beautiful places to visit in autumn in Madrid 

Although not all tourists and visitors know it, Madrid is much more than its tall buildings and its urban landscapes. The city has surprising spaces, open landscapes where nature celebrates the changes of season with its inexhaustible power of transformation.

Let’s see some of those nice places to visit in autumn in Madrid. Its beauty will surprise you.

#1. Retiro Park

We have spoken on other occasions about the Buen Retiro park in Madrid. But I deserved a special mention in this post.

«In autumn do not go to jewelry stores to look for gold; go to the parks. » This phrase, by the Turkish playwright Mehmet Murat Ildan, seems designed to describe the Retiro Park in the autumn.

And is that gold is the best metaphor to describe the brown leaves of its more than 15,000 trees. It´s autumn in all its beauty and splendor.

#2. Casa de Campo

It´s the largest public park in Madrid. And if you were impressed by the Retiro Lake, wait to see Casa de Campo! Inside there is a canoeing school.

Casa de Campo was a private hunting estate owned by the Crown from the 16th century until the proclamation of the Second Republic in 1931.

Its extension covers an area five times larger than Central Park, in New York, and is full of monuments and really magical corners.

The beauty of the landscape bathed by the deciduous leaves of the trees will fascinate you.

#3. The Royal Botanical Garden 

One of the times when there are more requests to visit the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid is, precisely, the autumn.
Among more than 30,000 species of plants from around the world, the trees and shrubs of evergreen green leaves are mixed with the yellow and golden tones of the deciduous leaves, creating landscape compositions unattainable for the best of painters.

#4. The Debod temple

This is another of the special places in Madrid to which we have dedicated some other space in our blog.

We already talked about him in an article about the unforgettable Madrid sunsets. But the colors and the autumn winds still make the twilight lights brighter and more enigmatic.

The Temple of Debod dates from the 2nd century BC. of C., and it was a gift from Egypt to Spain at the end of the 60s.

#5. Capricho Park

It is located in the Alameda de Osuna, and dates back to 1784. It was created for the Dukes of Osuna. It has a great sculptural heritage, and boasts a great variety of botanical specimens that embellish the landscape.

In autumn and spring, the beauty of El Capricho park reaches the sublime for its beauty.

At 15 meters below ground is his bunker of 2 square km, which belonged to the Republican side during the Civil War.

You already know five beautiful places to visit in autumn in Madrid. And without leaving the city!

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