The best cinemas and theatres of Gran Vía

One of the main arterial streets of Madrid is also the avenue of shows. We are talking about Gran Vía in Madrid.

Today we offer you a tour through the history of Madrid’s center of performing arts and a selection of the best cinemas and theaters of Gran Vía. Come and enjoy with us the tour!

Its construction began in 1910 and in its more than a hundred years of history, Gran Vía became the Mecca of show business almost from the beginning. Almost all the buildings that housed the most historic cinemas and theaters were built between the 20s and the 30s, although the theaters never lost their importance on this historic avenue.

Today we will review the best cinemas and theaters of Gran Vía and we will offer you a few brushstrokes of history that for sure will interest you.

Madrid´s Broadway: from cinema to musicals

Many of them began as theaters, which were later converted into cinemas. And in the course of the decades some of them have disappeared, others have been converted into fashion stores and other commercial stores or even in office buildings. But some of the best cinemas and theaters on Gran Via are still standing!

What once was an area devoted to the seventh art, now stands out in the world for its musicals, performed in the best theaters of Gran Vía, although the cinemas still have a prominent place on this emblematic avenue.

In fact, the performance of the best musicals in the capital since years has earned Gran Vía the nickname of «Madrid´s Broadway».

 The best cinemas of Gran Vía

Let’s start with the screening rooms. If you are a lover of the seventh art, you can´t miss visiting the sponsored seats under these names:

  • Cines Capitol: a survivor. The building, Art Deco style (accordingly to the architectural avant-garde of the time), was built between 1931 and 1933. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid. It is known as Edificio Carrión, although it is also called Edificio Capitol, thanks to the popularity of its cinema – Gran Vía 41.
  • Cine Callao: next to Edificio Capitol, in Callao Square, there is another traditional cinema of Madrid, built in 1926.
  • Cine Palacio de la Prensa: very close to this last cinema, on the opposite sidewalk, there is another survivor of the golden age of cinemas of Gran Vía.
  • Palacio de la Prensa, within the architectural style of modern classicism, was one of the tallest buildings of Madrid until the construction of Telefónica building. Although it was born to house the Madrid Press Association at first, as well as offices, flats and a café later (among many other uses that this building has had), today it is a multi-screen cinema – Gran Vía 46.

The best theatres of Gran Vía

As far as the theaters are concerned, the most remarkable are:

  • Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía: with a capacity for 600 people, this theatre with a crescent shape is one of the great stages dedicated to comedy almost exclusively – Tres cruces 8 (on the corner of Gran Vía).
  • Teatro Lope de Vega: opened in 1949,the Lope de Vega Theatre was from its beginning very specialized in musicals; and in fact, shows like The Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King or Mamma Mia have obtained resounding success in recent years– Gran Vía 57.
  • Teatro Coliseum: opened in 1931 as «The Palace of Spectacle». Now it looks remodeled after a few years closed. Inside it you can enjoy musicals at the level of The Bodyguard – Gran Vía 78.

Where to stay near to the best theaters and cinemas of Gran Vía?

We hope you have enjoyed this short selection with the best cinemas and theaters of one of the most important avenues of Madrid.

If you are looking for accommodation and want to be close when you leave to see one of the premiere films or one of the musicals of the moment, in Vitium Urban Suites you will find what you are looking for.

Our luxury boutique hostel is located at number 61 of Gran Vía, in a protected historic building, perfect for a day of leisure and culture.

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