Enjoy the «Flamenco» in Madrid!

The history of flamenco, as a type of music, born in Andalusia in the eighteenth century. It is the combination of a musical style and dance that goes with some clapping, tap-dances and singing that passionate and excite the audience, an art which it is not necessary to understand the language to feel the passion that transmits.

Flamenco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity, we must protect it, spread  it, feel it and of course, enjoy it. In Madrid, the best flamenco shows are presented, as it is the best showcase for tourists and for the recording industry, interested in promoting the musical style and dance itself  around the world.

Enjoy a good flamenco show in Madrid is very easy. Madrid offers many places that have excellent performances throughout the year. If you come to Madrid and do not attend to a flamenco show it is like not having visited Spain at all, this art is already a Spanish stereotype of which we are very proud of.

Flamenco en Madrid

«Feria de Abril» in Madrid, get the most out of it…

In this April, Madrid offers the opportunity to celebrate the flamenco’s most traditional and representative party, the «Feria de Abril«. As we know, this fair is celebrated in Seville, where traditionally it is full of «pescaíto»( fish dishes), «rebujito» (typical sweet wine with soda) and «flamenco», but here in Madrid we also live it with great intensity.

In many places of Madrid, such as Salamanca or  Puerta de Toledo’s neighborhood many restaurants provide typical Sevillian atmosphere of the «Feria de Abril», so tourists who are in town can live the Fair and feel the excitement skin-deep with the » flamenco».

Do not miss it, Madrid, «Flamenco» and «Feria de Abril»! Stay at Vitium Urban Suites (www.vitium.es) and enjoy the atmosphere that the city offers.

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