Books in Madrid, the city that loves reading

Reading is the more than perfect way to take us to the ever visited or imagined universes, and that is why Madrid gets full of books at this time! The books are a world of dreams that we all love to live while awake. Everything we are, all our teaching we owe to books; either through educational books we studied in school, books that make us live and feel adventures, romances, fears and all kind of feelings.

We all believed that books would become obsolete and that we would see its consequent disappearance after the growth of modern in advanced technologies of information that stalk us everywhere. A lot of us thought that the fact of having so much information available at our fingertips would make the old paper books disappear from our homes … but nothing is further from reality. The population continues to love books, and by having them in our hands makes us feel the magic of translating the words into images.

Madrid is a city that is always searching a way to bring closer the book to the reader, either by events like the Night of the books, investing in public libraries by offering current releases or with its annual Book Fair.

Books Madrid

The «Parque del Retiro» receive the books

From May, 27 to June, 12 Madrid has its annual Book Fair. A highly successful event that grows each year. Readers from everywhere come to Madrid on this date in order to attend the event.

Es una gran oportunidad para conseguir ejemplares firmados por sus autores, ya que muchos de ellos allí estarán. Por otro lado, El parque del Retiro está reluciente en esta época del año y siempre es agradable un paseo por sus jardines.

It is a great opportunity to get copies signed by the authors, since many of them will attend this fair. On the other hand, el «Parque del Retiro» is marvelous at this time of the year and it is always nice to take a walk through its gardens.

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