Real Madrid, a real pride for people from Madrid

Real Madrid is one of the leading and famous football clubs of the world. It is a proud for their supporters the fact that Real Madrid is one of the three teams in the Spanish league that has never descended to second division. It is the club with the most titles won, it has been named the best club of the twentieth century and it is the richest in the world for the eleventh consecutive year.

Many fanatics, supporters and fans of the club come to the Spanish capital to enjoy the football matches of the league, which is considered one of the most important competitions in Europe, with a high competitive level. The high quality of the players of Real Madrid makes that the club’s fans are passionate about coming to the city, increasing the relation between tourism and football, mobilizing interests and boosting tourism in Madrid.

Madrid not only offers top-level football almost all year round, but also offers visitors a rich cultural heritage, a delicious cuisine, endless shopping places to buy and the most varied entertainment, all with excellent value – price and unparalleled hospitality.

Tourism and football matches

Football matches in Madrid are enjoyed inside and outside stadiums, and the animation starts much earlier when fans come together in a bar for drinks and in order to comment on the team’s chances. It is a festive and fun atmosphere that is part of the tradition of a match day.

A visit to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Real Madrid headquarters, can be very interesting for the club´s fan and for any football admirer, because in this museum it is concentrated much of the history of the sport itself.

While visiting Madrid, you have to visit the Fountain of Cibeles, where the «merengues» celebrate the victories of the club. «The Cibeles», as it is known, is located right in the center of large, traditional and beautiful historic buildings of the capital.

Football matches stimulate in his followers and admirers a big passion for the sport and help in consolidating Madrid as a must-see tourist destination.

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