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Hiking is an activity that helps us to be in direct contact with nature and one of the best times to practice it is in autumn.

Throughout the geography of the Community of Madrid we find many well-defined routes that we cannot overlook for hiking in Madrid in Autumn.

This is a brief guide of 5 routes full of charm that we cannot miss this fall and thus enjoy the colorful fall.

Hayedo de Tejera Negra

senderismo madrid alojamiento

The “Hayedo de Tejera Negra” is a magnificent place, with its 400 hectares, and the first thing you should know is that access is restricted. You have to reserve a parking space to enjoy its surroundings.

It has an Atlantic microclimate and was declared a World Heritage Site in 2017, it has a great diversity of fauna (wild boar, fox, roe deer, otter, sparrowhawk, golden eagle, tits, and reptiles) and flora (melojo oaks, yew trees, holly trees, birches), as well as an area suitable for mycology (Boletus Edulis).

You can combine it with a visit to one of the known as Pueblos Negros de Guadalajara.

It is located in Cantalojas (Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Natural Park) and can only be reached by car.

Castañar de El Tiemblo

senderismo madrid alojamiento

The “Castañar del Tiemblo” is one of the most visited forests in the autumn season. That is why the city council charges a toll during this season (€2 per person), with the aim of controlling the number of visits and that the place is not damaged.

The chestnut trees dress the forest in orange, gold and yellow colors and the light barely penetrates the forest, where the few rays of sun that do make it create almost magical trails.

The most popular route is “La Senda del Castañar”, it is a magnificent path of barely 4.5 km that runs through its forest of oaks, century-old chestnut trees, cherry trees, elms and birches. The protagonist of this hiking route is a centenary chestnut tree called “El Abuelo” which is over 525 years old.

It is a small forest on the slopes of the Valle de Iruelas Reserve.

It is located in El Tiemblo (Ávila), Central System and can only be reached by car.

Bosque de la herrería

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A great assortment of small streams, a forest of Pyrenean oak and ash trees and some presence of Montpellier maples, junipers and willows. All this creates a beautiful landscape environment.

Through the GR 10 long-distance path flanked by moss-covered stones, you reach the famous Silla de Felipe II, a natural viewpoint from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of both the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Mount Abantos. Las Machotas, Siete Picos and La Maliciosa.

It is located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and you can get there by bus very close.

El bosque de Finlandia en Rascafría

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The Bosque de Finlandia is a hidden corner that comes straight out of a fairy tale and in which that Scandinavian environement that it has will transport you to these distant lands of northern Europe.

The most characteristic places in the Bosque Finlandés are the small pier, the wooden house and the lake. The dock is perfect for sitting back and unwinding, you can even put your feet in the water. It will be a moment of total relaxation and where the photos are luxurious. An Instagrammable moment

It is located in Rascafría, Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Madrid, and the bus leaves you very close.

Barranco del Río Dulce

alojamiento madrid vitium

It has more than 8,000 hectares of extension that were declared a Natural Park on February 27, 2003.

It is a very attractive area for fans of fauna (fox, roe deer, wild boar, trout, otter, and bird nesting), flora (poplar, poplar, willow, ash) and geological features (waterfalls, caves and various karstic formations).

Access to the Barranco del Río Dulce Natural Park is free and free.

It is in Sigüenza, Guadalajara, Iberian System, it can only be reached by car.

You already know that if you want to go hiking near Madrid in autumn, follow this easy guide to 5 spectacular places, and the best place to stay in Madrid is Vitium Urban Suites

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